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By reading the story below can you tell me if she likes me?

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== == Alright, I'm having some trouble with a girl I've known for about 6 months now. We met through friends basically, and we scarcely knew each other. After awhile we gave each other our Myspaces, and we began to talk...alot! Over time I developed a little crush on her, nothing serious at first, and we quickly developed into best friends as she puts it, as we had a lot in common and I was really "honest and understanding". Well eventually, this crush of mine began to develop into stronger feelings, and I was always thinking about her and worrying about her when something happened to her. She then admitted she had a slight crush on me. Well this came as a shock as I thought she would never like me, but thing was, she was already talking to someone else, and I didn't know the full situation YET. So one day she invited me to the movies with some friends of ours and we went to watch the Strangers, a thriller, and during the movie, and a jumpy scene, she grabbed my arm and at the same time linked hands. Now she smiled and giggled and leaned into the rest of the movie, and she'd look into my eyes and giggle like crazy, and at one part she gently placed my hand near her thigh. As the movie ended and the lights came on, she suddenly disconnected hands and arms and stretched as our friends looked over. After when I asked her about it, she said it may have been a mistake and we shouldn't let it happen again. Yet she was so happy when we were holding hands, and although she is a little flirtatious, she continued to flirt with me in a different more affectionate manner than other guys (Although she said a little while after the movies sdhe din't like me like that anymore). Then, about a month after this, as my feelings developed into love and (unfortunately) she began talking to some other guy and preparing to go out with him, she told me in a message that everytime someone mentioned love or the perfect guy, she pictured me, and she didn't know why. She said I was the best guy, almost like her dream guy, and she even said if she were to marry any of her friends, it would be me. Yet she went out with this guy cuz she didn't "want to wait" and there relationship ended up with her being cheated on, which I warned her of before. I truly do love this girl, even though I'm only 16, and most people believe teens cannot know true love, I love her for her, looks aside, I don't care about kissing her, or having sex, I am just happy being with her and holding her. I want to know from an unbiased opinion if she likes me or not due to these signs, and if I should make a move. (Btw, she knows I love her, I told her when she asked me, and sometimes I catch her staring into my eyes quite frequently and she'll just smile with this little shimmer in them, and then when I smile and ask what, she'll say "nothing" and smile and look down and away) Please help me, I don't want to lose her, and I want to be with her, but I want to know if she likes me. - Thanks

She flat out told you, your her dream guy. She KNOWS she likes you, she is just to shy to admit it. YOU have to be the one to lead her in and ask her out. Remember, she might be wondering the same thing you are right now, and just to afraid to ask you out. So just give it a shot, if she says no. You tried, besides all girls like to be complimented and it would be a compliment, so just do it. And find out...

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