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Governors, governors council, and assemblies.

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Q: By the mid 1700's who were the colonies governed by?
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How much people lived in the 13 colonies in the mid 1700s?

The population of the 13 colonies in the mid 1700s was about 2.5 million.

What was The total population of the British colonies by the mid-1700s?

The total population of the 13 American colonies was around 2.5 million people in the mid-1700s. Other British colonies were growing in population size as well.

The total population of the British colonies was by the mid-1700s?

2 million

Most English colonies in America during the 1700s were governed by?

a colonial legislature and a royal governor.

What did Government in the colonies by the mid 1700s include?

the government, governments council, and the assembly.

In the mid 1700s what countries had the most colonies in north America?

United Kingdom

Before the mid-1700s the American colonies were?

enjoyed a large measure of self-government

Before the mid 1700's the American colonies were largely self?


What was the only book in the colonies that sold more copies than poor Richards almaanck during the mid 1700s?

During the mid 1700s in the American colonies, the only book that sold more copies than Poor Richard's Almanack was the Bible.

What were the different colonial regions in the 1700s?

If you're referring only to British colonies, then there were only three. The New England Colonies, the Middle or Mid-Atlantic colonies, and the Southern Colonies.

In the mid 1700s what did the American colonies all have in common?

The restoration colonies had proprietary ventures in common.

Before the mid 1700s the American colonies?

held little control over their own local affairs