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If you change to the pill immediately after the implant, you are not likely to be pregnant.

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It is unlikely that you are pregnant if you started your period straight after sex

It can reduce your sperm count. Me and my partner have bee together 14 months and for the first six months I had the implant and on the third month he started taking juice. I am not on any other contraceptive and I haven't got pregnant yet. Although it's still possible and suggest that if you don't want kids still use a condom or whatever

It could have been a chemical pregnancy, when your body thinks it is pregnant but the embryo did not fully implant.

Your doctor should have told you what to expect. I am afraid it means the embyo didn't implant and you are not pregnant.

If you have started your period, late or on time, that means that your endometrium is sloughing off. During this time, it is hardly possible for an ovum to implant. If you do become pregnant during a period, you ought to document it because you would be a medical phenomenon.

if ur on a female contraceptive this can act the same hormone wise into fooling ur body into thinking its pregnant , giving a false positive pregnancy test.

The period is the uterus shedding the lining that is formed when you ovulate so a ovum may implant and a baby grow. Your period is the start of puberty and the ability of being able to have a baby. It is very rare to get pregnant during your first cycle and before your first period, but it is possible.

Well, she isn't pregnant, but I don't know who started the rumor.

Can someone tell me why I have started my period two weeks early. I have put an implant in my arm whilst I was on my 5th day of my period, two weeks later I started my period but it is really light. On the second day of my period it was brown then after that it was light pink...please help me

Yes you can if you have started ovulating. Girls get pregnant younger then that.

If she has started having periods (menstruating) then she can get pregnant.

no a toddler can not get pregnant as you have to have started your periods before you can become pregnant

You might be pregnant, but Im not sure, It might be something else. Go to the doctor. (dont be embarrassed) its about you so you should not be.

If it was safe and your period started, then it's unlikely that you're pregnant

no. you cannot have your cycle and be pregnant at the same time.

If she has started ovulating she could get pregnant from intercourse.

i just recently got on birth control myself. my gyno. and pharamacist both said it take 7 days to start working as a contraceptive. i may suggest calling your local pharmacy and asking them for help.

yes answer yes that's sounds like Implantation bleeding you could be pregnant doesn't always mean so tho. From pink princess can only get pregnant when you've started menstruating. So if you have sex before your period starts, you won't get pregnant. But I'm not saying it's the best idea, either.

Yes you could be pregnant. Because you didn't take the pill for a week means that you were unprotected and still are even though you took it again for two days. You were still unprotected and you should immediately take a pregnancy test to make sure you aren't pregnant. If you are go to your doctor immediately.

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