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Can 11 year olds get a job?

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yea i mean if u walk dogs or do,mgkfdgh,.str

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Can13 year olds get jobs?

can i get a job im 11 can i get a job im 11

Can 11 year olds get the money an adult does?

not by a job

Why can't an 11 year old have a job?

Many 11-year-olds are not considered emotionally ready or responsible enough for a job.

Can 11 year old get a job for car washing?

11 year olds are not allowed to work in any country.

Part time job ideas for 11 year olds?

11 year olds are not old enough by law to work. Maybe you the parent could pick up a second job. You are financially responsible- not the child.

Can 11 year olds work at a pet shop?

yes my friend is 11 and has a job at a pet shop.

what the best job for 13 year olds?

mabye babysitting?

Can 11 year olds play halo reach?

Yes 11 year olds can play reach. Im 12 btw

Good paying job for 11 year olds online?

Minimum age for a job online is 18 years old

Can 11 year olds get job at a pet store?

sorry kid no you have to be 14-16 ok\

Is infamous 2 appropriate for 11 year olds?

No it's ok for a 11 year olds.

Any Good websites for 11 year-olds?

Redtube is a very popular site among 11-year olds.

Work for 11 year olds?

Generally, in the United States, it's illegal for 11-year-olds to have a job. Options might include babysitting, extra chores, walking people's dogs, or mowing people's lawns.

Is there a job for 11 year olds that pay like 300 a week in Richmond or Mechanicsvlle va?

No, Definitaly not

can 14 year olds work there how much dose the job pay for 14 year olds ?

can 14 year olds work there?

What jobs are available to 11 year olds?

Some charity shops accept 10 and 11 year olds.

Job ideas for 11 year olds?

yes millions your own buisness pass out phamplets and your ready for action

What companies in Missouri hire 15 year olds?

no job hire 15 year olds

Can 14 year olds get a job?

I can't even get a job

Does Dylan sprose date 11 and 12 year olds?

12 year olds

Do doctors recommend contacts for 11 or 12-year-olds?


What kind of job can an 11 year old have?

11 year olds cant get the best jobs out there, but you can always babysit, have lemonade stands, walk dogs, or a garage sale with your family!

Where can a 11 year old in houstontx get a job?

11 year olds can get jobs like washing the car ect or paper rounds do the trick to earn a little extra cash.

Where can a 11 year old boy get a job in peoria?

Nowhere. It's more or less illegal to hire 11 year olds except for certain very specific jobs.

Is there a job for 9 year olds?