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YES, this happens when hydrogen burns.

2H2 + O2 ==> 2H2O

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What does hydrogen and oxygen produce?

Do you mean when combined? Because when Hydrogen gas (H2) is burned it combines with Oxygen (O2) to form Water (H2O). The extra oxygen is used to make another molecule of water. So two molecules of oxygen are needed and four molecules of Hydrogen.

What elements are combined to make up water?

two elements hydrogen and oxygen is used to make water i.e H2O . there are two molecules of hydrogen and one molecule of oxygen

What is the difference between awater molecule and an oxygen molecule?

a water molecule is a combination of two hydrogen atoms chemically combined with one oxygen molecule forming.Whilst oxygen molecule is just two oxygen atoms chemically combined.

What two gases are found in air that - when combined - form water molecules?

Hydrogen and Oxygen.Related Information:2 molecules of Hydrogen for every molecule of Oxygen, when combined make water (H2O).Water is an oxide of hydrogen, and is formed when hydrogen reacts with oxygen. Water is not a fuel, it is an end-product of the combustion of hydrogen, which is a fuel.The energy required to split water into hydrogen and oxygen, is greater than the energy that can be collected when the hydrogen and oxygen recombine.

Is oxygen and hydrogen combined a molecular compound?

Water, H2O, is a molecule of hydrogen and oxygen. It is considered a compound. That said, yes, oxygen and hydrogen combine to make a compound that is represented by the molecule H2O.

How many molecules of oxygen is need to make water?

one molecule of oxygen and two molecules of hydrogen.

What are the bonds that hold hydrogen and oxygen called?

In water and many other compounds hydrogen and oxygen are held by covalent bonds.Between water molecules and between other polar molecules hydrogen of one molecule and oxygen of a different molecule are held by hydrogen bonds.

Why does oxygen molecule go slower than hydrogen molecule?

Because the hydrogen molecules are further apart than the oxygen so move quicker.

What happens to water when it is heated?

Firstly, there are two hydrogen molecules and one oxygen molecule that make up water. These hydrogen molecules are bound by hydrogen bonds to the oxygen molecule. Hence the meaning of H20. 2 hydrogens and 1 oxygen. The hydrogen molecules that are bound to the oxygen molecule are broken at high temperatures therefore water (in liquid condition) is turned into water vapor (gas condition).

What is H2O translated to?

Water H= Hydrogen O=Oxygen 2=is the number of Hydrogen molecules for each Oxygen molecule.

Where is the majority of negative charge on the water molecule?

Water molecules consist of hydrogen molecules and oxygen molecules. Most of the negative charge comes from the oxygen molecules while the hydrogen molecules carry the positive charge.

Are there 2 of the same molecules in water?

Yes. Two Hyrdrogen molecules, one Oxygen molecule. The Hydrogen molecules are each bound to Oxygen at an odd angle making the molecule polar

What is the bond between an oxygen atom and a hydrogen atom in a water molecule?

The bond between oxygen and hydrogen in the same molecule is a covalent bond. The bond between a hydrogen atom and oxygen atom in different molecules is a hydrogen bond.

What can water molecules form hydrogen bonds with?

The hydrogen bond is between a hydrogen atom of a molecule of water and the oxygen atom of another molecule of water.

How are a molecule of hydrogen and a molecule of oxygen similar?

There are two hydrogen/oxygen atoms in each molecule of hydrogen/oxygen.

What in peroxide makes rust?

1 Hydrogen molecule peri oxide (pair of oxygen) 2 oxygen molecules Water is 2 hydrogenand 1 oxygen so rust forms slower. Acids even make faster rust if combined with water.

Describe the polarity of a water molecule?

The oxygen molecule is slightly negative and the hydrogen molecules are slightly positive.

How many molecules are in a molecules of water?

There is 1 molecule of water in a molecule of water. That 1 molecule is comprised of 1 Oxygen atom and 2 Hydrogen atoms.

Is carbon a water molecule?

No, water molecules are made of Hydrogen and Oxygen, there is no Carbon.

What make H2O?

Water.Two molecules of hydrogen, One molecule of oxygen.

Are all molecules made from a single atom?

No, Water is a molecule with hydrogen and oxygen

What is the particle spearation of H2O?

there are two molecules of hydrogen and one molecule of oxygen

Is water made out molecules?

No, water is a molecule; it is comprised of hydrogen and oxygen atoms.

Are there molecules in oxygen?

No, Oxygen is an atom, and as such is composed of protons, neutrons and electrons. There are no molecules in oxygen, but a single oxygen atom becomes a molecule when it is combined with another oxygen atom to form O2.

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