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feed it and find out

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Q: Can 3 week old puppies eat baby rice cereal?
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What kind of shampoo can you use on three week old puppies?

the Jhonsonsalways on a baby baby dog baby cat

What is the best way to feed 4 week old puppies?

Feed them through a milk bottle as you would a baby.

Can I take care of baby hamsters when they're a week old?

No. The puppies don't leave their mother until they are two weeks old.

What age do you start babies on cereal?

You can start your baby on cereal at about four months. Mix it with a bit of formula or breast milk. If he doesn't like it or it seems he is spitting it all out, wait a week and try again. Always consult your pediatrician first to confirm that your baby is ready.

Is it okay to get a 5 week old cereal?


When can you give your baby solid food?

You can try to start your baby on cereal around four months old. If he doesn't like it or it seems like he cannot swallow it try again in a week. Keep him strictly on cereal until six months of age and then introduce a new baby food (fruits and veggies) every week to make sure he isn't allergic to anything. You should always check with your pediatrician first before you do anything.

What causes 5 week old puppies to become constipated?

The wrong diet. It should be on a loose mixture of cereal and milk. To loosen the bowel, add a little fish oil to the mixture and retire to a safe distance.

What is the simple subject of Kim's favorite breakfast cereal was on sale this week?

The complete subject is 'Kim's favorite breakfast cereal...', the simple subject is cereal.

How long does cereal last?

cereal normally lasts a month for a family of 4 well it depends whether you like cereal or not if you really like cereal it will probably last a week or less

How many puppies can a caucasian ovcharka have?

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Can you hold 2 week old puppies?

Yes you can.

When do puppies see?

It takes about a week after they open their eyes.

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