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Q: Can Acer iconia tab a500 connect to internet without using wifi?
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How to connect iphine to internet without using wifi Message comes up phone cannot connect to Internet It works only with wifi?

The only way to connect to Internet without using WiFi is to have a data package with your cell phone provider.

How do you connect a PSP to the internet without using a LAN security setting?

Connect using Wi-fi instead.

Can you connect to the internet if your iPod is connected to your PC without using wi-fi?

I'm preety sure no, are you using a App to connect it?

How do you connect a PC to internet?

you can connect an Internet to a computer using broadband

How can you connect to the internet using your nokia5530?

You can connect it by using data connection.

Can you Connect to the internet without a usb lead?

Yep , if your using a wireless system which you can buy. Yep , if your using a wireless system which you can buy.

How do you fix web browsers not using Ethernet cable to connect to internet unless connected to WiFi as well?

solved (not what i meant tho i went to another website)

How do you make your internet work on your psp?

The internet is already accessible on your psp it just needs a place to connect to. If you have a wireless hotspot without a password you can connect but if it needs a password then you need the password. I don't think you can connect without using a wireless connection.

How do you connect a DS to the Internet?

You connect it to the computer using a modem, wirelessly.

How do you connect Nokia 3110c phone to computer using internet without using Nokia PC Suite?

Ambot diri ako maaram anya-egit

How do you dial internet connection without PC suite?

Connect internet without pc suit means you are using mobile devices. You can, but at first you need the USB DRIVER of that mobile you use. After installing the usb driver goto control panel>network>dialup>connect manually.

How do you connect two computers to the internet without having the IP addresses conflict with each other?

By using a router with DHCP turned on in the router