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Only if it is rare enough is when it could be $3000.

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Q: Can Beanie Babies still be sold at prices of 3000 dollars?
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Is ty Beanie Babies still in business?


Can you still get Purry the cat from Beanie Babies 2.0 at stores?

sorry, but no they have retired purry

How much are McDonald Beanie Babies worth that are still unopened?

i think it is worth about 3.00

Where do you sell you Ty Beanie Babies?

The best place to sell Ty Beanie Babies are at carboots or online e.g. Ebay. If you are willing to give them out for free the best place to give them to are Charitys. Also if the Ty still has it's tag on it is worth alot more than ones without a tag, reasonable prices are £1-5 and rare ones are £2-7. :)

Who invented beanie kids?

Beanie Kids began by a company called Skansen they still continue to make Beanie Kids.

Are Beanie Babies not being made now?

they are still made its just not matting session yet ,but don't worry they'll be going at it soon enough

Do they still make Beanie Babies?

yes, they still make the good old fashioned toys and we still love them as much as ever. You can find them at nearly all toy stores OR online is a good way to buy them. But yes they are still around.

What shops sell TY Beanie Babies?

Cracker Barrels usually sell TY Beanie Babies...but your best bet will be online. There are thousands of collectors online that sell their stuffed animals and most of them are taken care of. Also, if you search thrift stores such as the Good Will or Salvation Army, many people donate them unwilling. But once again, if you are a collector, you really need the tag to still be in tact and in good condition.

Are there any beanie babies such as the Princess Diana bear and a set of unopened McDonald's International bears that are still worth anything?

not really. but if the other person really is wanting that kind of bear then yes it would be a lot of money. :D

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