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Can Bella Swan have babies with Edward Cullen when she becomes a vampire?



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No. Having children when you and your partner are vampires mean that the vampires body has to change and their bodies are incapable of change and that also means that they live forever. If Bella is a vampire, then she cannot have children with anyone. Also, vampires are suppose to be dead so all their organs are dead too.

If you ant to find out more about them and babies read the book which is number four in the twilight series Breaking Dawn.

Actually, by sheer definition, he IS a vampire, now, he is a Pansy-waist who wishes he could play with the big boys, but he won't ever be able to, not even the V-whatevers will... sheer reason? They sparkle, they have no reason NOT to be in the sun when no one is around. And, Dhampir's ARE an actual myth, a vampire who has feed recently CAN impregnate a female even though they don't come out chestburster style, and kill the mother in the process, usually it was the community, and then if the poor Dhampir was able to grow up, he was worshiped for his ability to hunt down Vampire's... now, what I want to say is this, if you want a REAL vampire... read Dracula, or any White Wolf books, preferably Masquerade ones, Requiem has no good plot base like Masquerade does.