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Yes. The CDRtools have been ported to DOS. See the software section of the FreeDOS Website. This program was designed for FreeDOS but it should run on MS-DOS as well.

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Q: Can DOS be used to burn a CD on its own?
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How do I sing on my own a CD?

You record it on your computer. Then you burn it.

What CD can be used to burn from computer to play back on CD walkmans?

Cd-R or Cd-RW

Can you burn CDs on Windows XP?

Yes. Windows XP was the first version of Windows to include CD writing software. However, any operating system, even MS-DOS, can be used to burn CDs with the appropriate software installed.

What does the CD command do in MS-DOS?

The CD command is used to change the current working directory. It uses the syntax CD <X:\Path\to\directory> For instance, to change to the directory C:\Stuff\Morestff\ you would enter CD C:\Stuff\Morestff

Do you need a particular CD to burn songs?

To burn songs, the CD must writable and be in good physical condition. Only two formats of the writable CD that are commonly used, the CD-R and the CD-RW. Some CD players, especially before 1997 will have problems reading from a CD-RW.

Does Burning a CD onto a computer ruin the CD?

No. Well, if you burn a CD you can't change it. So, what you put on that CD stays there forever. But that's only if you burn it. A2. If you 'burn' it onto a computer, you are 'copying' it, not 'burning' it. You can only burn a CD-R or CD-RW. A commercial, pre-recorded CD, cannot be affected by a laser used for reading. If you tried to burn onto it, the software will not allow it and even if you could bypass the protection, the burning laser would have no affect on the pits stamped onto the disc.

How do you copy a song from the computer to a CD?

You need a CD to burn it on the CD. You select which files you want and click burn.

Can I burn a DVD with a CD-rw drive?

No, I don't think so. A CD-rw drive or a DVD-rw drive could not be used to burn DVD or CD. A DVD burner program is needed to burn DVD. I use a DVD burner to burn my movies and video to DVD successfully.

What Operating system is used on the bootable floppy disk or CD?

MS Dos is the operating system used for floppy disk and CDs. MS Dos is an old program created by Microsoft.

What are CD player recorders used for?

CD player recorders are sometimes referred to as CD burners and are used for putting information onto a blank CD. People commonly use CD recorders to burn music onto CDs for sharing.

Can you burn a CD with music on it without buying the songs?

It is not legal. If you do not own rights to the music it is copyright infringement.

How can one create musicals CDs?

If you want to create your own CD with your own music playlist, you can use a program such as iTunes. You can create your own playlist using music files you have downloaded and then easily burn them to a CD with the click of a button.

Why dos your car CD say CD error?

Usually because the CD is scratched or cracked, or scuffed.

If you have a CD player and DVD player in your computer can you burn a CD?

That's a definite maybe. You need to have a CD R/W (reader/writer) to burn CDs. A DVD R/W will burn CDs for you. If it can burn movies, it can burn audio.

DOS Command to go to the Root Directory?

type at DOS prompt CD c:\

Where can one purchase the book Little Women on a CD?

One can find a combined edition of both the book and the audio CD on Amazon. Alternatively, you can burn your own CD with a legal recording from LibriVox.

What does the DOS command CD do?

Change directory

How do you burn bootable mac OS CD from PC?

Download an ISO of the Mac OS CD, and then burn that ISO with Nero to the CD. It will be an exact copy of that disc. If the ISO was copied from a bootable CD then the copy you burn will be bootable.

How do you burn music onto a CD?

To burn music onto a CD, you go into the song, double click or choose open, and at the top of the screen you should see burn. Before you burn the music onto the CD, make sure there is a blank CD in the disc drive.

In computer language what does CD mean?

A CD is a little round disc called a Compact Disc.In the DOS operating system, CD was the command to Change Directories. For instance, if you were in the root directory of C:, you might want to work with files in the DOS folder. So you would type CD \DOS to move the focus to the C:\DOS directory.

Can you burn a CD on a MacBook?

depends if it has a CD writer.

Can a CD-ROM driver burn CD?


What is the past tense for to burn the CD?

i burned the CD

What does it mean to burn a CD?

AnswerTo burn a CD means to transfer media files on to that CDSuch as if you wanted to give some music to a friend, you would buy a blank CD and then burn your music files onto that CD. CDs can be burned from a computer, another CD, a pen drive, etc.

How do you burn a CD on iTunes if there is not a 'Burn CD' icon on the program?

To burn tracks to a CD place the required tracks in a playlist then right click on the playlist's name and select Burn Playlist To Disc from the menu.