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If the mother does not contract HIV from the man, her baby will not get HIV from her.

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Q: Can HIV negative women have a HIV negative baby with HIV positive man?
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Where can a couple with HIV-positive male and negative female do sperm washing to have hiv-negative baby?


Can a HIV negative woman have a HIV negative baby with a HIV positive man?

Yes, if the woman herself is HIV negative, and HIV negative after the pregnancy has started then there is no reason (other than contracting HIV during pregnancy) that the baby should have the disease. However, if the woman were to contract HIV during pregnancy, there is a very high chance the baby would be HIV positive because the virus replicates to very high levels in the initial phases of infection. About 5/10 babies may become infected if the mother is HIV positive.

What is the difference between being HIV positive and HIV negative?

If you are HIV positive, then you have the HIV virus. If you are HIV negative then you do not have the HIV virus.

Can a Hiv positive and Hiv negative give birth to a negative baby?

Yes, it's possible for a baby to be born without HIV even if one parent has HIV. Medications and other preventive measures can help deliver a healthy baby.

How HIV positive parents can have HIV negative baby?

Yes, actually it happens quite frequently these days.

Can you have a baby being HIV positive?

You can have a baby being hiv positive.

Can an HIV positive couple produce an HIV negative baby?

No.. This is not a case of two positives make a negative. The virus would be passed on to the unborn child.

How do HIV-positive and HIV-negative differ?

HIV-positive means you are infected with the human immunodeficiency virus. HIV-negative means that you are not infected with the HIV.

Can HIV negative woman have baby with HIV positive man?

Yes. But she's not likely to be HIV negative by the time she's pregnant. ****They can and thee are actually steps that can be taken so the woman doesnt end up positive***

Is HIV positive good or bad?

It is better to be HIV negative than HIV positive. An HIV positive person is infected with HIV.

What is the difference between HIV negative and HIV positive?

Patients who are HIV positive have the HIV virus. Patients who are HIV negative do not have the HIV virus, or have been infected so recently that the test is not yet positive.

Can a HIV positive person have a HIV negative child?

Yes they can.

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