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If you don't do your homework -- yes, it will cause you to fail.

Doing homework will not cause you to fail.

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Q: Can Homework cause a student to fail?
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What are the cons of too much homework?

If a student genuinely has too much homework, which might happen in middle school and high school, it can cause stress and make it challenging to get the homework done.

Reason why computer Engineering student fail?

Reason why computer Engineering student fail?

What percentage of students fail in their homework?

There are no studies of this

How many hours do the average student do for homework in 2011?

The average student should do at least 2-3 of homework.

Why did the student ate his homework?

Because the homework was a piece of cake!🀣

If a student had homework 87 days out of 100 what fraction and what percentage of days did the student not have homework?

13/100, ie 13%...

Why you shouldn't forget your homework?

So you don't fail.

Why homework is bad?

To Counter your question, homework is not bad, EXCEPT when the content of the homework does not sufficiently provide the teaching tools needed to allow the student to keep up with the class, and when it cannot help the student learn anything from the previous lesson. Then the homework is bad. When an assigned homework can provide a great way of teaching and challenging the student, then its great homework.

What will homework do to seventh grader?

Homework can instill responsibility in a student in seventh grade (or any grade) or it can lead to the student being irreresponsible. It depends on whether the student actually does the homework or not. It also is an extention of what the teacher teaches at school. Doing homework helps students to learn what they are being taught.

How much time does a person spend on homework?

Time spent on homework varies depending on the grade level, the amount of homework that is assigned, the student's study habits, how well the student listened in class and understood the lesson, etc. Some nights a student might not have any homework and other nights he might have a couple of hours of homework.

How do you fail in every subject?

Caution: Do homework and study in class.

Does college have homework?

Yes, college has homework. The amount of homework that a student will have, however, depends on the major of the student. The style of homework may be different from what you were used to in high school. Most homework may just be writing papers and studying for exams. Again, the type of homework you receive will depend on your major.

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