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Q: Can I-pass be used on Ohio turnpike?
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Does Kansas turnpike take Ipass?

no it does not work... not completable with Ktags

When was Ohio Turnpike created?

Ohio Turnpike was created on 1955-10-01.

How much is an ipass and is it good in Boston?

An ipass costs between $50 and $60 depending on where you purchase the ipass and the replenishment option. The ipass is for use on Illinois tollways but works in cooperation with tollways in indiana, ohio, Pennsylvania, West Virginia, Virginia, Maryland, Delaware, New Jersey, New York,Rhode Island, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Maine.

What tolls are payable on the Ohio Turnpike?

The Ohio Turnpike Commission has recently reclassified the classes from 11 to 7 on how tolls are charged. The Commission charges per axle and height, plus the distance that the vehicle has traveled on the specific turnpike.

When was IPass created?

IPass was created in 1996-07.

How much are the tolls from Detroit to DC?

11.25 on Ohio Turnpike, 13.75 on PA turnpike and there's a road between the Ohio TP & PA TP that charges you 5.25 to drive it. All together 30.25 going down.

How far is it frim Toledo Ohio to Cleveland Ohio?

It is 115 miles taking I-90 OHIO TURNPIKE - EAST.

What is the distance in miles from Warren Ohio to Northfield Ohio?

It is about 50 miles. You would use the turnpike.

TP on an Ohio Uniform Traffic Ticket?

Turnpike Ordinance

How many miles is Philadelphia to Detroit Michigan?

583 miles taking this route:Take the PENNSYLVANIA TURNPIKE (toll) WEST on I-76 from Philadelphia to OHIO, where I-76 continues as the OHIO TURNPIKE (toll).Continue on the OHIO TURNPIKE (toll) on I-76, then on I-80 in the Cleveland vicinity, to I-75 NORTH to DETROIT via I-280 NORTH (EXIT 71 off the TURNPIKE) to bypass TOLEDO.Take I-75 NORTH to Detroit.

From Toledo oh to bedford pa?

Just take the Ohio Turnpike EAST to the Pennsylvania Turnpike EAST, and then the Pennsylvania Turnpike EAST to Bedford. The BEDFORD INTERCHANGE is EXIT 146.

What is the symbol for iPass Inc in NASDAQ?

The symbol for iPass Inc. in NASDAQ is: IPAS.