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Can I Use UK debit card in Paris?


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Your debit card is usually linked with your bank account. If your UK bank has branches in Paris then you can use your debit card at those branches. You may contact your bank for detail.

If you are issued a VISA, MasterCard (etc.) debit card then you can use this debit card at locations (e.g., ATMs, Merchant establishments, etc.) displaying VISA, MasterCard (etc.) logo all over the world.


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Yes, you can use your Santander debit card abroad to make purchases. I travel a lot and I use my Santander debit card outside UK without any issue.

You can get a debit card at 12 in the UK, but only in certain banks. I am not sure about America.

If you can't , I'm sure you can find an ATM. But I'd say yes.

Accept Cards UK is a credit card and debit card processing service that operates throughout the United Kingdom. They offer the lowest processing fees for companies wishing to accept credit and debit cards for purchases.

Theoretically no, although it's rare for a bank to issue a debit card to someone under 16 (in the UK). A debit card doesn't require a credit check, nor does the holder need to be employed in order to get one. A debit card can only be used if there are already funds in the associated bank account. Think of a debit card as 'electronic cash'.

18. But you can get a debit card at pretty much any age with parents signature

All debit cards are free ! A debit card in simple terms - is electronic cash. No-one should be charged for using a debit card - as the only way the transaction can be completed is - if there's enough cash already in the account to cover the purchase.

HSBC plans to start issuing VISA debit cards from January/February 2009. These will replace existing Maestro Debit cards moving forward.

It depends what bank you go to like at natwest you have to be 11 but others are 16+.

4921 is the card prefix of UK banks Barclays and Lloyds TSB debit cards, issued to over 18's only.

Yes, You always need a passport (or EU national identity card) to get in our out of the UK.

No - the Megalink card is for exclusive use in the Phillipines - not for international transactions.

Paris is the capital of the French rzpublic and is situated in FRANCE ! Some other Paris exist in the word (in the US, or in Australia). Never heard of a Paris in the UK

Visa Credit, in the UK is 18, subject to acceptence. I think it may also be the same for the US, but I am not too sure. Visa Debit is any age in the UK, but normally only offered to those that are 13+

It depends on which airport in UK, but form London to Paris is about 55 minutes.

You can use your Greek ID card to travel from Greece to any of the eurozone countries.

Whether or not you can use a 3 UK SIM card in a HTC HD2 T8585 phone will depend on where the phone was purchased and whether it was purchased as a contract or Pay as You Go phone. The SIM card can be used in the UK on an unlocked handset assuming that the card is still active and you may need to notify your network provider.

According to information supplied on the '' website... "pay £34 by MasterCard, Visa, Electron, Maestro or Delta debit or credit card"

If you are in the UK, yes, it certainly is - check with your utility suppliers, for instance, or eBay, Amazon and a host of other online retailers. You will need a debit card (preferably) or credit card, of course. The answer may be the same elsewhere.

Not many. Most people now use credit/debit cards, or cash for smaller items.

Can you use provisional driving licence card to fly within uk?

I don't think any because in most banks in the UK you have to be 11 or older to have a bank account. When you get a bank account you also will receive a debit card. Where you can take out money from a cash point.

By Phone: call 0800 783 5263 from the UK or +44 1226 261 010 from overseas.Lines are open from 8am to 10 pm every day of the week. You will need to have your card and personal details with you.

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