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Depends on how you became pregnant. It it was a result of sexual intercourse then no - you are not a virgin. If male sperm got inside you some other way then you could still be a virgin.

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How can you tell if you are a pregnant virgin?

You cannot be a pregnant virgin

Can you get pregnant if you're a virgin and on birth control?

If you are a virgin then you cannot be pregnant

How do you get pregnant but still become a virgin?

If you use artificial insemination to get pregnant you can still be a virgin.

Can a virgin be pregnant while having a period?

If you are virgin chances are you have not had sex, and so cannot become pregnant.

What are the arguments in favor of the virgin conception of Jesus?

that a virgin couldn't get pregnant, because she was a virgin

Is sakura a virgin?

no sakura is not a virgin she is raped by lee but doesnt get pregnant

Is Ashley Simpson a virgin?

No, when you're pregnant you can't be a virgin O.o

If a virgin gets pregnant and the doctor removes the pregnancy successfully without breaking her hymen is she still a virgin?

Unless she was made pregnant by IVF, her hymen would have to have been broken to become pregnant in the first place. How can you still be a virgin if you are pregnant? Think it through.

Can you lose your virginity when you are pregnant?

Yes, you can get pregnant while still being a virgin, and if you are a pregnant virgin and have sex then you would have lost your virginity.

Can virgin girls can get pregnant by playing with vagina?

A virgin female can not become pregnant by manipulating any vagina, hers or another person's.

Does a virgin have breast milk?

You have to be pregnant to have Breast Milk. Although your body can produce it while your a virgin. It won't come out until you are pregnant.

Can a virgin get pregnant if semen wet her outer pants?

Semen on the outside of your clothes can't get you pregnant, virgin or otherwise. In order to get pregnant, the sperm has to enter your uterus through the vagina.

Can a girl get pregnant if she is not a virgin but the guy is?

YES!!! As long as a girl and a guy have sex a girl can get pregnant. It doesn't matter if their both virgins, if the guy is a virgin and the girl isn't, if the girl is a virgin and the guy isn't, or if neither of them is a virgin. As long as you have sex you can get pregnant. I recommend birth control and condoms if your planning on having sex and don't want to become pregnant.

How long does it take to get pregnant for a virgin?

The same amount of time it takes for a non-virgin.

Is Emily osment Pregnet?

No, she isn't pregnant, and she never was pregnant (shes a virgin).

How did Athena get pregnant?

Athena was never pregnant in Greek Mythology, she is a virgin goddess.

Is dulcecandy87 a virgin?

no, she just announced that she was pregnant.

Is it possible for a virgin to get pregnant in a case where pre-ejaculate fluid enters her vagina?

A virgin can get pregnant just as easily as someone who has has sex before. And yes, there is a chance of getting pregnant from precome.

Can dry sex get you pregnant if you are a virgin?

dry sex= no clothes, virgin =ignorant to dry sex

Was Elizabeth 1 really a virgin?

Yes is was a virgin because she was pregnant with a guy she met at a party.

You are a virgin and your period is due what do you do?

Nothing. It doesn't change a thing. Period or no period you are still a virgin. Being a virgin means you haven't had sex. The period means you can get pregnant, so no sex means you can't get pregnant.

Can you get pregnant if you still a virgin and get pregnant off of pre-ejaculate?

Yes, you can... Pre-cum still contains some sperm in it. Also, being a virgin makes no difference to the odds of becoming pregnant.

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