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Fan heaters can be found at Home Depot in the electrical supply aisle or possibly in the home heating aisle.

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Q: Can I buy a fan heater at Home Depot?
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Can fan heaters be found at Home Depot?

Yea Home Depot has several models to choose from. You can find them in person at the store or also buy them online. Here is the Home Depot website link.

Where can one purhcase a bathroom fan heater?

One can purchase a bathroom fan heater at Amazon, Home Depot, Argos, Sears as well as a number of other stores. One good strategy is to read reviews to find the best type of bathroom fan heater and then try to find the cheapest price.

where to buy ceiling fan kits?

You can purchase your very own ceiling fan kit at a Home Depot, Home Hardware, Home Outfitters, and many more home furnishing stores. You can also purchase a ceiling fan kit at IKEA.

Where can I buy a cheap cooling fan?

You can buy a cheap cooling fan at your local Walmart, Target or Home Depot. You can also purchase them online at or Local resale stores might also have them in stock.

Where can I purchase a ceiling light fan kit?

You can purchase your very own light fan kits at your local Home Depot. If there is no local Home Depot you can also purchase one online or at Home Hardware.

Is Lowes or Home Depot the best place to buy a ceiling fan?

I say it depends. I find the selection at each to vary. At home depot, I often only find a few high end selections. So if I'm going to be putting in a ceiling fan that is going to get a lot of use, I go with Home Depot. If I am looking for a variety of styles, I go to Lowes. I find that Lowes has a wider selection to choose from.

Westinghouse 52 panorama ceiling fan chrome?

It's at Home Depot!

Where can one purchase a Hampton Bay ceiling fan?

There are lots of places online where someone can buy a Hampton Bay ceiling fan. Some of these places are Amazon, eBay, The Home Depot and Hansen Wholesale.

Where can one buy a tabletop heater fan?

One can buy a tabletop heater fan online on websites such as Amazon and eBay. It can also be purchased in stores at places such as Sears or Walmart. It is a common item in most stores.

What is the best lightweight heater to buy?

The Sunbeam SFH436-UM Bath Fan Heater with Digital Timer is very light.

Where can one go to buy fan blades?

Replacement fan blades can be bought from a number of stores. Retail stores including Home Depot and Lowes sell fan blades. Online Amazon and the auction site eBay have a range of both new and used replacement fan blades.

What are cooker hood filters and where can one buy them?

"A cooker hood filter can be found in the hood fan above your stove. You can purchase one at various locations, such as Home Depot or other home renovation or appliance stores."

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