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I am assuming you are talking about the design and yes you can buy custom seat covers for your car. The universal part you are talking about just means the fit will almost fit any car seat.

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Q: Can I buy custom seat covers for my car or all seat covers universal?
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Where can I find information about seat covers on the Internet? offers seat covers for cars, trucks, vans and even customer made seat covers. They have all of the popular materials such as neoprene, sheepskin and velour. I'm sure you can find the information you need regarding seat covers on this website.

Are car seat covers stain resistant?

Some, but not all car seat covers are stain resistant. When looking for a stain resistant car seat cover, look for covers made from neoprene fabric. Generally speaking car seat covers are not stain resistant. You can however purchase a can of stain guard and trat the covers yourself.

Is a camo seat the only type of camouflage seat available?

Camo is not the only camouflage seat covers available. Cabela also makes camouflage covers for seats in all vehicles.

Camo Seat Covers?

form_title= Camo Seat Covers form_header= Add a look all your own with camo seat covers. What color camo would you like?*= _ [50] How many seat covers do you need?*= {1, 2, 3, 4, 5, More than 5} Do you want them personalized?*= () Yes () No

Where can I find information about child car seat covers?

If you are looking to find information about child car seat covers, then you can check them out at Billy Ray Dugly's Car Seat Cover shop. They have the best prices.

What features should one look for when deciding on which car seat covers to purchase?

There are many things to consider when purchasing new seat covers for one's car. The color of the covers, the material of the covers, and how stain resistant the covers are all features that factor into one's decision.

Do any PDAs have custome covers available?

Almost all PDA's have custom covers available. The iPod, if you consider it a PDA, has a huge variety of covers for purchase.

Why do dogs bite covers?

they usually bite covers because they are trying to move them around to get comfortable.

What is the price for Silverado seat covers at Auto Zone?

If you go on they can tell you all sorts of information about your local AutoZone store. You can search for Silverado seat covers and with a little information from you, like the year of your vehicle and your local zip code, they will give you all the information you need about availability and pricing. I have taken it upon myself to price a Chevy Silverado custom seat cover from my local AutoZone and I got a price of $249.99. hope this helps.

Are the leather seat covers for the 2009 Accord difficult to install?

The leather seat covers for the 2009 Accord are very simple to install, as it doesn't require any tools at all.

Where can one buy dog car seat covers?

One can buy "Dog Car Seat Covers" at a number of different website. Including but not limited to eBay, Amazon and Petsmart. Local retailers selling dog related goods might also have them for sale.

Wikipedia best material for a truck seat covers?

Pure Australian Sheepskin is the best material for truck seat covers. Sheepskin is durable, comfortable in all climates and easy to clean

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