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You can do anything at all in your own home. The minor electrical repairs like new plugs and sockets. but you can not do major electrical repairs like wiring and floor wiring.

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Q: Can I do electrical repair on my own?
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Are there any websites that can help me find electrical repair?

You can go to . They have a section dedicated to home electrical repair tips and they have a very active user forum. They are also affiliated with the best electrical repair companies in the country.

What are the steps for me to get into the tv repair business?

You can get into the tv repair business by attending a college and studying electrical engineering. You can read more at You can start by taking a home study course in TV repair. Once you have completed your classes you can open your own shop.

What type of ladder is used for a electrical repair?


Where can auto electrical repair service be found?

The auto electrical repair service can be found in the yellow pages where one can choose the city of choice and see if the service is offered in their city.

How do you determine if an old home is in need of electrical repair or if the electrical wiring in the home is safe?

To determine if an old home is in need of electrical repair, call a professional. Either a professional electrician or a home inspector can let you know if your electrical wiring is safe and up to code.

What are the domains of electrical services in Dubai?

Well, it includes electrical repair, installation, and maintenance. And Power Advantage Electrical & Mechanical can help you with everything.

Is electrical repair a well paying career to pursue?

An electrical repair technician manager gets paid anywhere between $30,000-$70,000 a year. For a normal electrical repair technician they will be paid anywhere from $12-$18 an hour. The median salary for a electrical repair tech is acound $29,748 to $50,872 with 1-4 years experience. With more then 20 years experience they can earn around $45,000 to $$64,506.

How do you repair electrical short on 1998 Toyota Sienna?

Where is the short at? What is malfunctioning?

How do you repair a leak in a central air conditioning line?

Electrical tape.

What are the work for electrical officers in ship?

The work of the electrical officers in ship is to maintain and repair electrical and electronic equipment, and to carry out installation of machinery on a board ship.

Do Name three ways to use electricity safely?

Unplug the electrical object when it is not in use. Only allow qualified individuals to repair, maintain or operate electrical equipment. Keep electrical cords away from heat sources. An extra one. Replace, don't repair worn or frayed electrical cords.

Can snails repair their own shells?

yes snails do repair their own shells its like a human when hurt the skin is automatically repaired

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