Can I drink beer?

If you are 21 or older...........

No, it is logically possible to drink beer as long as you have a mouth to insert the liquid and a throat to swallow the liquid and a stomach to hold the beer.


The majority of the world has the legal drinking age between 16 and 18, with ages higher or lower being outliers. In fact, much of the United States allows alcohol consumption under the age of 21, with exceptions such as drinking in public or unsupervised. Only the purchase of alcohol is universally restricted by age in the US.

The safety of beer consumption should be a question for your doctor, as some health issues may make drinking it very unhealthy. The legality depends on where you live, and how old you are; if in doubt, check with your local government for more information. Otherwise, the second answerer is correct; as long as you can drink anything, you can physically drink beer.