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temporary haircolor will not effect dark hair, but at the same time gray hair is very resistant to haircoloring in general so it may not take the blonde. If what you want is to turn your gray hair into blonde to look like blonde highlights you would be best going to a hairstylist and tell them you want a weave to cover the gray

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What is brown plus blonde equal?

dark blonde or light brown

Is there a difference between Dark Blonde and Dirty Blonde or are they the same thing?

There is a difference, dark blonde has brown tones in it and dirty blonde has ash tones in it.

What is Tom Kaulitz's natural hair color?

Brown.. or really dark blonde... :)Light BrownDirty blonde

Is Hilary Duffs hair blonde?

no,her real hair is dark brown but she dyed it blonde

What shade of brown is Hilary Duff's hair?

She uses color combinations like blonde over a dark base, blonde streaked with light and medium brown, brown with light brown highlights, light and medium brown combined, light brown over a dark base with blonde highlights, and medium brown with caramel highlights.

What hair color looks best with green eyes?

Blonde, dirty blonde, or light brown not black or burgundy or dark brown

What color is maria kanellis hair?

it is dark red,naturally dark blonde/brownie as in the 2004 diva search it was blonde but she dyed it brown and then dark red.

Did Roger Moore have blonde hair?

No, he had dark brown hair.

Is beyonce naturally blonde?

No, she has naturally dark brown hair.

If you have blonde hair and your partner has brown hair what colour will your babies be?

it will be closer to brown By alise12~ no not necisarily because my mom has blonde hair and my dad has dark brown almost black and my hair is almost bleach blonde but usually ligh light brown or blonde

What can be used on light brown hair to make it dark beige blonde OR med.neutral blonde?

Just keep your hair brown. I have blonde hair but u also can use bleach

Your natural colour is brown wiv blonde high lights you have brown eyes what colour would best suit you?

Dark or chocolate brown, or maybe a non bright or shiny blonde if your eyes are dark brown. If your eyes are light brown maybe auburn or a light brown or gingery brown

You have dark brown hair can you have blonde highlights in foil?

If you have dark brown hair then it is possible for you to get blonde highlights in foil. However, it may dry out your hair more then it would a lighter haired person.

What color is Justin Bieber's hair?

His hair color is brownish-blonde. This is often called "dirty blonde." Brown is his new hairstyle but its naturally dark blonde to a very light brown.

How do you get your hair to look like Christina perri?

Christina Perri has dark brown hair, so she got blonde highlights. You need to dye your hair dark brown, get blonde highlights and curl it a little.

Best hair color for dark skin?

Well, depends how dark< probably like a dark brown definitley not blonde.

What color is Caitlin beadles hair?

Light brown *almost blonde* newtest3 no she does not she has really dark brown

What are the different hair colors in animal crossing?

When you start you can have: pink, light brown, dark brown and ginger. When you have the hairdressers: white, blonde, ginger, light brown, dark brown, green and blue.

How can one make their dark brown hair blonde?

You can make dark brown hair blonde by dying it. The easiest and most expensive option would be to go to the hairdressers. Alternatively, you can just go and get home dye kits.

What happens if you mix blonde and brown hair dye?

The brown color will dominate the blonde color when mixed, but it will be a lighter shade of brown. For example, if you mixed a level 5 (light brown) with a level 6 (dark blonde) in equal parts, this will simply lighten that level 5 and you will get "lightest brown."

If a woman has dark blonde hair and man has med. brown hair. Her parents have dirty blonde and light brown hair his have reddish blonde and dark brown What color hair will their kids have?

combine the parents hair and the husbands hair and u will get a mixed combination. (new person) Most likely would be blonde but maybe they could have lots of your parents in them

Do more people in Britain have blonde hair or brown hair?

Brown hair. Most people have light to dark brown hair

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