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It's very difficult to get a DVD/VCR combo to connect to your computer directly. There are hardware adapters, though.


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USB is the connector you use to connect iPod or other device to a computer. then it means connect your iPod to your computer using USB

i have one usb cable. i connect to phone and computer

name three devices that might connect to a usb port on a computer?

connect it to the computer with a USB cable.

There is no way to get your PSP to connect to the computer without using a USB cable. You must use a USB to get one to port to the other.

usb to usb connection is the best way to connect your computer to your printer.

You have to have a USB chord and you connect it to your computer, and your computer will take it from there.

if you have usb chord and if your computer has a usb port just connect that 2 usb and download all you want on your ipod

There is a slot in the back in the shape of the USB port on a computer. Just insert the USB into that slot.

What you do is you connect the USB cable to the USB port on the side of your computer it is easy You might use a phoenix card reader to connect USB TV Tuner to your PC, it also support CAM.

No, there is no usb slot or anything that can connect them type of things to the computer.

Modern printers connect using a USB port.

connect the usb cable to the computer and it will automaticly transfer your photos to your computer.

You can get a cable for your camera which would connect to a computer USB port.

USB or Ethernet cable (crossover)

Anything you connect with a usb.

It connects via a USB cable.

first you need a USB wire, next you connect the i-phone and the computer with the USB wire, then a dialog box should appear on your computer and you find a button of connect then you are done.

there will be a usb or wire with a green end on it, either plug in your usb or into the green port somewhere on your computer.

This depends on if you use the other ports on your computer to connect devices to also. If you only use the USB port and connect it to USB hub's you can connect up to 126 devices. Without using any USB hubs you will be limited to only one USB device.

Use the wire cable to connect with it if you have a USB port in your computer.

In a removable folder in my computer. If connecting to the computer VIA USB and PSP. Make sure USB mode is turned on {settings, scroll up or down to usb connect}.

well to connect it you have to plug it into a usb wire and plug it into a PC

The majority of printers these days connect via the computer's USB port.

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