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Yes, you can get a free online checking account if you deposit more than 1000 dollars

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Yes, Wachovia offers free checking accounts. Here is the application page for the account:

I used to have an Wachovia Essential Checking account. It provided with free access to Online Banking with BillPay, free Balance Alerts, Online Statements, and Wachovia Mobile® note. They had no monthly service charge and no minimum balance. And no direct deposit was required. Now that Wells Fargo merged with Wachovia, they called this grandfathered account Wells Fargo Essential Checking.

All Wachovia Banks offer free checking accounts. They are even offering a $50 bonus for opening a new free checking account. The accounts have no monthly service fee, no minimum balance and no direct deposit requirement.

Some banks that offer free online checking are Bank of America, BBVA Compass and Wachovia.

Wachovia Bank at one point had a $50 sign up bonus for a checking account. However, the offer for that bonus expired back in 2007. Currently, they have no such offers.

Benefits to having a free online checking account is you don't need to worry about possible fees that might be present like a regular account. Also, you can have easy access to your checking account information online.

There are several online banks that offer free checking. Bank of America has a free MyAccess checking when an account is opened online. Huntington Bank also has free checking that features free mobile and text banking.

Suntrust banks offer a free online checking account. You can also customize your account to include features that you would like to use.

The biggest benefit to a free online checking account would be the no extra fees or requirements. Most online checking accounts are available without a minimum balance on the account, and other extra fees.

Yes, Citibank offers free checking accounts across the United States. You can open a free checking account online or at whatever branch is closest to you.

"Free, online banking, a free debit card and free checking accounts are benefits at Chase. Chase also offers free direct deposits for their checking accounts."

Free online checking accounts can be obtained from your financial instution's website. However, some financial institutions may not offer free checking accounts. Be sure to read the fine print for hidden fees.

There are many banks that allow someone to open a free checking account online. Such banks include Ally Bank, Peoples Bank, Citizens Bank, and US Bank.

Most all banks have a free checking account option. You must be at least 18 years old to apply for a free checking account. It is required of you to have a job, or be in college in order to get the full benefits of a free checking account.

There are quite a few banking companies that offer free online checking too. The two that popped out to me was Chase and Bank of America, but there were many more out there too.

There are a number of places a business can open a checking account online for free. Many banks cater to such a request, from Bank of America to Ally Bank, as well as some smaller providers such as EverBank.

Wachovia has merged with Wells Fargo and is therefore no longer offering new accounts under the Wachovia name. Wells Fargo checking accounts are free as long as the minimum requirements are met (for example: maintaining an average balance of $1500 or more). Contact Wells Fargo for more information.

Although most of the online banks discuss savings account options to get better interest rates over the "brick and mortar" counterparts, there are online banks that offer free checking accounts also. One example of such banks is UnivestDirect online bank.

TD Bank offers lots of different types of checking accounts, and yes they offer a free checking account that can be setup and accessed online like all their other bank services they offer.

Many banks offer online access to one's checking account online for free now a days. To name a few, they are Bank of America, Chase, and even credit unions like Orange County's Credit Union.

In order to have an account with Charter One online, you will have to pay a fee. The fee varies by each type of account, whether it is checking or a savings account.

If you need a bank account, you should consider opening a free checking account. Many banks and credit unions offer these kinds of accounts. Read this guide if you want to find out more about free checking accounts. You can save money by opening a free checking account. Typically, financial institutions require that people deposit a small amount of money in order to open an account. However, some financial institutions require that account holders keep a certain amount of money in the accounts in order to keep the accounts free. If your account requires a minimum balance and you do not keep that amount in the account, you will be charged a small fee for the month you fell below. However, some financial institutions do not require a minimum balance, so you should shop around until you find the best deal if you do not plan to keep a lot of money in your checking account. Free checking accounts usually come with many attractive feature like free ATM or debit cards, no charges for ACH transactions, no charges for direct deposit, free online access to the account, free online bill payment, free checks, overdraft plans, and unlimited check-writing each month. Many financial institutions offer low interest rates on checking accounts, so you should definitely shop around until you find a bank or credit union that offers decent rates. You can open a free checking account online with many banks and financial institutions. If you open the account online, you will have to make a deposit to the account online, in person, or by mail. Alternatively, you can drive to a bank or credit union to open a checking account. Visit banks and credit unions online and find out which companies offer free checking accounts before you visit them in person. You can save about $50-$80 a year if you take advantage of free checking accounts, so it is worth it.

Yes, it's usually quite simple to open a free online checking account; many banks offer a simple step-by-step guide to help you through the process, with someone on hand should you experience any difficulties.

For a free online banking account, Bank of America is a great one since they are reliable, reputable, and they have been around for such a long time. They offer online and offline banking accounts.

There are several banks that are offering a free internet checking account. Two of the bigger companies is Account Now and Netspend.