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A CT scan, yes. An MRI scan- maybe. It will depend on information from the manufacturer of the device you have implanted. Most are not affected by an MRI, but that is up to medical staff to determine.

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If you have metal in your knee can you have a mir?

No. You can have CT Scan instead.

Can a person with titanium staples have a CT scan?

yes, they may need contrast though to get a better picture. M.R.I.are not recommended, but it depends on the year the titanium was placed.

Is heart scan same as the CT scan?

A "heart scan" may be done using a CT scan, but a CT scan is not a heart scan.

What do you avoid after a CT scan?

There are no restrictions after a plain CT scan.

What is biphasic ct scan?

indication of biphasic CT scan

Can you smoke before a ct scan?

Can I smoke before ct scan

Can you see an ulcer on a CT scan?

No, you cannot see an ulcer on a ct scan.

Side effects of cervical ct scan?

Side effect of cervical ct scan?

How much does a cardiac ct scan cost?

CT scan for heart in atlanta area.

What does CT scan stand for?

cat scan

How are knee injuries diagnosed?

diagnosis of knee injuries or damage includes a medical history, physical examination , x rays, and the additional, more detailed imaging techniques with MRI or CT scan.

What's the difference between CT scan?

Why does CT require a prep, and CAT scan does not.?Answer this question...

Is it possible to take ct scan of a child's brain?

Yes, it is possible to CT scan a child.

How do you say CT scan in Spanish?

I looked your question up on google translate and CT scan is "Tomografia computarizada" but just CT is "CT" english to spanish

Which CT scan is suitable for brain scan?


Preparation for a ct scan abdomen?

should you eat before having a ct scan of the chest and abdomen

Is a CT scan required for depressed patient?

No, a CT scan will show nothing useful in the diagnosis of depression.

What is ct scan without contrast?

A CT scan without contrast means no dye will be used for the exam.

What is the difference between a ct head scan and a ct sinus scan?

A head scan looks primarily at the brain and a sinus scan looks only at the sinuses in the face region.

What is a CT pulmonary scan?

A CT pulmonary scan is a cat scan of the lungs, looking at radiologic images of the lungs in detail, in small "slices" of images.

What MRI can do that CT scan cannot?

A MRI shows muscles and ligaments in greater detail than a CT scan.

What medications should not be taken after a Contrast CT Scan?

There are no generally contraindicated medications after a contrast enhanced Ct Scan.

What will happen to my baby when I had ct scan in my early pregnancy?

what are the risks of ct scan during first trimester of pregnancy

What is a CT scan and what does it show?

A CT scan, computed tomography, is a medical test performed to diagnose a malady. The CT scan will allow the doctor to see internal injuries not shown on an X-ray picture.

What do the initials ct stand for in ct scan?

Computed Tomography