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No, you will need the remote that goes with the tivo dvr.

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What is the tivo remote contol code for lg tv

The TiVo HD XL can record more shows and has a larger hard drive than the Tivo HD.

Tivo shows can't not be played on iPod only they are converted to be MP4 format. So, you need a tool to help your to convert the Tivo video to MP4

The remote code for a dynex television for a universal remote is 10463. The code for a TiVo remote is 0091.

Try the LG codes (0128 on my Tivo Series 2 for my 40" Coby). Works fine now.

Yes, there are many benefits of hooking your TiVo DVR with your home computer or with your home network. However, to use your TiVo DVR with your home network, you�ll need to purchase a network adapter and have the TiVo Series2 DVR.The benefits of using TiVo with your home computer are:You don't have to keep your TiVo DVR connected to a phone line. The TiVo DVR connects to the TiVo service every 24 to 48 hours to download your program information. To avoid the TiVO DVR tying up your phone line, you can add your DVR to your wireless or wired network through a broadband connection. Your TiVo DVR will be able to download your program listings through your broadband connection (which is "always on") and won't have to periodically tie up your phone line.You can transfer files and music from your PC to your TiVo DVR. You can organize and view your digital photos from your TiVo menu or listen to your favorite MP3 files. TiVo Desktop is required to publish photo and music files from your computer to your TiVo DVR.Schedule your TiVo DVR to record your favorite shows from the Internet. Use TiVo Central Online to schedule the recordings of your favorite shows. You�ll create an account online and sign in to any browser and send a schedule request to your TiVo DVR. The next time your TiVo DVR connects to your TiVo service, it will schedule the request. Note: If your TiVo DVR connects to TiVo service using a phone line, it can take up to 36 hours; a broadband connection, however, sends requests every hour.can you network a Series 1 tivo unit to you home network??

U-verse is an AT&T on-demand service which enables customers to watch recent movies and TV shows with a click of their remote. It is a technology similar to a Tivo or Replay TV, but rather than having a set-top box which records your television shows, U-verse records all shows on their servers and streams them to you when you want to watch them.

It depends on the player. If it is tivo brand player you'll need the tivo service unless you hack it. If this is the case look up hacking the tivo Otherwise the answer is no, i use my computer. If you're into hacking or maybe just experimenting with one heres some cool stuff you can do! Good luck and enjoy.

Sky Plus is a video recording service for Sky. It is similar to the service that TiVo offers. It lets you pause, record, and rewind live TV, using a hard drive inside it.

The Tivo HD can only, unfortunately, record two shows at once.

Yes it can be done manually from the tivo home base unit functions located on the dvr,but you will be limited to common "vcr" type functions unlike advanced controls available with utilizing the remote control features.

You can connect the TiVo TCD652160 HD to your computer using Tivo-to-PC. This will transfer the files to your computer which can then be burned with your Blu Ray Recorder.

It is an opinion but compare the difference. Tivo lets you record current movies or shows where as On-Demand lets you watch a specific few which changes everymonth

TiVo Inc. (TIVO) had its IPO in 1999.

A sky plus remote is used for Sky services which are similar to TiVo. With Sky you are able to pause, rewind, and record live tv with the touch of a button on your Sky remote control.

As of July 2014, the market cap for TiVo Inc. (TIVO) is $1,563,128,506.70.

This also does include its own univeral remote controller which allows you to control all the critical functions on the DVR.

The symbol for TiVo Inc. in NASDAQ is: TIVO.

Yes, there is a good solution: The first step you must do is transfer your TiVo TV shows to your computer. you can use TiVo Desktop program, or search it via Google, and you will easy find it. Then use DVD to Zune video converter, you can find it from the following site:

You need a newer remote control. RC34 is the best and you can get it in Ebay for like $8.00 dollars or for $20.00 Good Luck!

The ticker symbol for TiVo, Inc. is TIVO and it is traded on the Nasdaq.

TIVO is the best DVR---hands down. Often, the "cable company will give you a DVR as part of their "box"--but that DVR is a bare bones version of what you get with TIVO. All it is, really , is a glorified VCR-it allows you to record TV shows (on a computer chip--rather than a tape) and watch them later. TIVO, of course does that too. But TIVO is "smart"--and it also allows you to get what TIVO cals a "season pass" to a show. What that means is if you watch, say, Desperate Housewives- and you want TIVO to tape it every week --it will. Sometimes a regular VCR or the barebones cable DVR tries to do this as well--but if there is a schedule change TIVO knows about it and still gets the job done. If its a rpeat--TIVO knows and will skip it. Also--if the show is changed from Monday to Thursday night. No Problem--TIVO reconfigures your season pass automatically and still records your show. The "other" DVR records whatever show is playing at the old timeslot...not what you wanted. TIVO also allows you to put in the name of an actor or director and automatically record every show when that person is involved. Limit it to just movies that person is in---or just talk shows that person is on---TIVO can do all of this. Want to record all movies with Tom Cruise? no problem--TIVO will seek them out and record them for you. Want to skip the Tom Cruise movies but record every talk show Ton appears on? No problem--Want to see every movie directed by Speilberg? No problem--- TIVO can do that. All of this can be done with the push of a button too-- no complicated directions/instructions to follow either---very very intuitive. Better yet- if you have two shows you want to record at 8PM on Monday. TIVO will record one of them and then catch the re-run of the show it was supposed to record and couldn't get because of the conflict. Want to exclude repeats from being recorded---not a problem, TIVO can do that too. Best of all--after you have used TIVO for a while it "learns" what kind of shows you like. Dramas? Thrillers? Cooking shows? ....and it will automatically record shows during "down time (when nothing else is scheduled to be recorded) that fit then characteristics that you have shown you like. So you might find a cooking show that is new or that you were unaware of... compliments of your TIVO. Last--if you tell TIVO you like Jay leno (for instance) and ask it to recommend other, similar shows....TIVO will promtly list all similar shows for you to check out. Most likely it would reccommend Connan O'Brian and Letterman--but it will also list other talk shows (Spike fergeson anyone?) that you may never have heard of. All this and a full TV guide that can be searched and sliced and diced every way possible. Get TIVO-- you will wonder how you EVER lived without it. Best $8 or $10/month you will ever spend.

Simply put, if at home press the TiVo button on your remote control unit (or with WishList) choose find programs, search for desired program select, then highlight record and select, if away from residence or tivo home base sign onto select a program, it will be there when you arrive.

Basically, yes, TiVo is a type of DVr recorder. It allows you to record shows while you are not home or simply watching another channel on the same set; just as a dvr recorder.