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Aswer: Yes, but dont wait too long.

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2008-02-28 15:10:42
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Q: Can I renewed my green card after it has expired?
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how long after my green card expired i have to wait to get it back ?

You don't wait for your green card to expire. You need to get it renewed before so you don't get in trouble with immigration. If you expire they can deport you back to your hometown.

Is a person holding an expired green card legally in the US?

In theory, They are considered out of status or "unlawfully present."However, in practice if you apply to have it renewed which is not a complex process you can show you are having it renewed and would not be deported. Renew the green card, or better,if you satisfy the residency requirements, apply for citizenship.

What green cards need to be renewed?

there is only one green card and its called the permanent residents card. it needs to be renewed every 10 years

Can you enter the US with an expired green card?

No, you have to renew your green card, or you will be turned away

If i got green card 2years and when it expired and my spouse divoced with me how to appy green card 10year?

If your green card has expired and you are not married then you will have to apply for another one. You will have to go to the DMV and start the paper work.

Can you renew your drivers license if your green card is expired?


If i get married in US and i get green card 2years and when it's expired how can i appy to get green years 10years if my spouse break up with me?

If married and have a green card that has expired there is one thing you can do. You will have to go get another green card while still married.

Can they renew if its 3 years expired?

I need to find out if a two year ld expired Permanent Resident Card can be renewed It was good for ten years it expired in2006 and it is now 2008.

Can you be deported if your green card has expired?

No. You can not be deported for an expired Green Card. You can be deported for an expired Visa. You can over-stay your Visa, it's illegal in the U.S. and pretty much every other country. However, if your Green Card has expired (which is not the same as a visa), you should go to the local INS office and renew it and do it the legal way.

Do you have to renew a expired green card?

Per immigration law, YES you have to renew the green card to be a legal resident.

When does a green card expire?

The permanent resident card (green card) once issued is valid for 10 years.It has to be renewed to have the valid green card. For renewal Form I-90 should be filed with USCIS.

What happens when an expired credit card is not renewed?

You can't charge anything with it. Most companies send you a new card, automatically. Sometimes it takes a couple of weeks to get it.

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