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Sure thing. But after usage make sure that you have signed out from the software.

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How do you open a Skype account?

Its very simple.If Skype is installed on your computer, Follow the following steps:Double click the skype icon.click sign-up/ new accountEnter your dataPress Enter.Your account is ready to use now.Just sign-in and enjoy talking with your friends @ skype

How do you you get to your Skype from the homepage?

you cant. you have to have it down loaded on your computer. you can sign in to your skype credit account though.

How do you sign out of Skype on the MacBook Pro?

I just got a MacBook Pro and have Skype on my computer. However, i do not know how to sign out from the account i have. i would like to sign in on a different account on this computer. Please help i am just an novice so please keep it simple thank you Helen

How do you add second Skype account to same computer?

If you already have Skype on your computer, simply log on to Skype. When the Skype screen appears look under the logo (on the upper left hand side), you'll see a menu bar. (the menu bar will show tabs for "skype" "contacts" "conversation" "view" etc... On that menu bar Click "skype" You'll see a drop down menu. Click the option "Sign out" When you sign out, you'll have the option to either sign in, OR create a new account. (look to the right you'll see the option) Click create a new account. Fill that out and you'll have a second Skype account. Now - to go back and forth and use both accounts, you'll need to log out each time to finish with Skype so the next account user can log on, when they click the Skype icon and want to use Skype. Just logging in and logging out from the Skype Menu bar (skype option log out) is all you need to use several Skype accounts on one computer. Please note: they account that's logged on is the one that will receive a "ring" when someone calls you.

How do you sign up new account on Skype?

Got to skype and In the top right corner click "JoinSkype" fill in details, download the Application, Install it, and then Sign in.

Is Skype just like MSN Messenger?

Yes, Skype is like an advanced version of MSN, like you can add friends from your Facebook and stuff. You can also sign in with your messenger, Hotmail or outlook account.

How do you stop Skype automatic sign in?

sign in ur skype account. go to 'options' in top bar of the window then click on the 'tools' in the drop down menu. a window will be opened. in that window uncheck the box of 'Start skype automatically whenever i log on to computer' preass save/apply button. and it done !

How do you sign in Skype if there is someone else all ready logged in?

if your on a computer, go to the upper left hand corner, click on "skype" then click on "sign out"

How do you sign out of Skype on a nokia n9?

Go to the account from meniu of Nokia n9 and you will see your Skype account. Enter and in the bottom of the page in right part of the phone you will have a little square with 3 multiple lines. From there you can log out from Skype.

Can computer help on your social life?

A computer can be used to both enhance and reduce your social life. The most safe way to guarantee a computer helping your social life is sign up with a service such as skype and talk to other people that you know, like your friends who have skype and connect with them via a service like this.

Should you use facebook to sign up for Skype?

You can chat to your Facebook Friends through Skype, So I think its a Good Idea!

Skype calls keep dropping immediately after call?

1.) Delete it, then redownload it from your computer or the mobile itunes. It won't charge you. 2.) This is an unresolved Skype bug as of 8-4-12. The work-around is to sign in on another mobile phone with your Skpe account and have the other person you are trying to call do the same. Then both sign out and sign back in on your own mobile phones again. You should now be able to place Skype to Skype calls from your own phones.

Wwwskype new sinup?

Create an account or sign in. It only takes a minute or two - then you're ready to call your friends free over Skype, and even talk face-to-face on video.

How do you sign up new Skype account?

1. open skype2. press don't have skype name3. write in what it asks you toif you have skype downloaded, click on it. a box will appear. click "Dont have a skype name?" go through the step by stem instruction that are required.

Why won't the sign up two friends get 100 cazmo cash free work?

You probley invited someone who had an account already or you used you computer to sign up they other two accounts

Does Skype work on an android?

Yes, you have to download the, "Skype" app from the market and sign into Skype there.

Having problems signing into Skype on my galaxy nexus?

The latest version of Skype should work with most Android devices, including the Galaxy Nexus. You may need to contact Skype directly if you are having sign in issues...it may not necessarily be the phone, but your Skype account specifically.

How do you sign up to the Skype?

Download Skype from their website (google it.). Then, run the application. It will immediatley provide you with a registration form, which you can use to sign up. THE SKYPE

How do you sign out of itunes with an iPod touch?

you need to sign in on your computer and then sync your ipod or iphone to your account

How do you put Habbo on your computer?

Go towww.habbo.co.uk, and sign up for an account - you now have Habbo on your computer.

How you sign up for Skype?

Go to Skype.comClick on 'Join Skype'.

How do you sign out of Skype?

Click 'File'Click 'Sign Out'

How do you sign in to your account from someone elses computer?

First you go to login page for that particular account (for example- gmail.com) then you type in your username and password. Be sure to sign out of that account when you have finished your business.

How do you stop Skype from starting automatically on Mac OS?

More Improved answer: System Preferences -> System -> Accounts -> select your account -> select Login Items -> select Skype -> click the "-" box below to remove it from the list. Improved answer: An easy way is: Hold down the mouse button on the Skype icon in the dock. (Or right click on it). Uncheck "Open at Login" from the menu that pops up. If you will sign out of your account there will appear a dialog box within which you will find a tick box "Start Skype when my Computer starts". All you need do is untick this box. I must first advise that you are certain of your password if you wish to ever sign in again to that username. If you have lost your password you may still login by taking yet another Skype username (Up to ten usernames/Skype client are possible).

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