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It is okay to do some light Fitness in the first two trimesters. When you enter the third trimester it is okay to do yoga or something similar. It is still exercise but it is not strenuous and will be okay for the baby.

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Q: Can I still continue to do pregnancy Fitness when my baby is about to be due?
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Is the Kettlebell workout safe during pregnancy?

You can continue with the kettlebell, but I would look into specifically how. There is a video entitled Baby Bells: The Fit Pregnancy Workout It is a fitness program designed specifically for pregnant women. It gives women the option of using the kettlebell when working out.

Does Hyperemesis gravidarum affect pregnancy?

In virtually all cases, the pregnancy can continue to the successful delivery of a healthy baby

Can you still have your baby if you have chlamydia?

Yes, you can still have your baby if you have chlamydia. There are safe, easy, effective treatments for chlamydia during pregnancy.

Can birth control injection kills baby if the girl is 10 to 15 days pregnant?

No, the birth control injection will not harm or end an existing pregnancy. If you have discovered you got a shot while pregnant, you can still continue or terminate the pregnancy.

If you have a miscarriage while the baby is still growing does it continue to grow?


Can a IUD affect a unborn baby?

Yes, pregnancy with an IUD in place can be dangerous for the fetus and the woman. The IUD should be removed. The pregnancy may continue normally.

How develop is your pregnancy at 2 weeks?

Baby is still growing size of a pea if that.

Is your baby safe at nine week pregnant?

No. That is still very early in the pregnancy.

Why do you still feel symptoms of pregnancy after pregnancy?

The hormonal effects from pregnancy can last for weeks or months after post-partum. This is especially true if you breastfeed your baby.

What is the term when the baby is still on the fallopian tube during pregnancy?

If a pregnancy starts to develop in the fallopian tube, it is known as an ectopic pregnancy. Ectopic means out of place.

At how many week is the latest you can feel the baby move?

I am 21 weeks into my pregnancy and i still can't feel my baby move!

When you eat something that your baby dont like and its still early in your pregnancy does your stomach hurt because your baby dont like it?


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