Can I use a microphone on my laptop?


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Provided that your laptop has a microphone minijack you can use it as you would with any other computer. Typically the microphone jack has a red ring and is found by the headphone jack. If your laptop lacks this input you can still use a USB-enabled microphone.

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You use it like a microphone elsewhere.

No, not every laptop has a microphone.

yes it does have a microphone because i have the laptop and it does have one.

you can get a wire to put at the end of your microphone nd the in to your laptop

A laptop microphone serves the same purpose as any other microphone. A microphone converts analog sounds into a frequency that can be transmitted to other mechanisms.

The laptop should come with a microphone. A microphone isn't software, its a piece of hardware and if it doesn't come with your laptop then you have no luck other than to connect an external mic and run software for it on your laptop.

It has a microphone port. but no built in microphone into the laptop.

there is no microphone in he toshiba laptop 15 inch i tried on skype didnt work soo yeah

You can find a laptop microphone at any store that sells computer accessories. I purchased my laptop microphone at Staples and it has worked very well. Best Buy also has great reviews for their computer microphones!

Yes, if you laptop has a 1/8" microphone input jack, you can.

Be smarter than the microphone. You click on the microphone button at the top left corner and it should be on. But it depends if you are using a laptop or desktop computer. If you are using a desktop computer there is no microphone. But if using a laptop, click on the microphone button on the top left corner. Then the microphone should turn on.

yes i have this laptop and it comes with a built in microphone as well

You can turn on the microphone on a Dell Insiron n5100 laptop by going to the control panel, sound, and then recording. The microphone is then selected and the volume raised to desired levels.

You can purchase a microphone for a laptop online at stores such as Best Buy. Alternatively, you can also purchase this item from retailers such as Newegg and Amazon.

Surely. There is a good one on Amazon:

A laptop microphone is used in video chatting programs such as Skype. Newer laptops often have a microphone embedded in them. If not, they can be bought for under $50 at Staples.

No. You need either a built in microphone or you need to purchase a microphone that you can plug in.

no it does not it hase a microphone

you probably need a microphone

the use of a microphone is to speak louder

With microphone - the computer records the wave, not the sound

You can try to press the "ON" button if it helps.

A mic can be connected to a Dell Inspiron 1300 laptop by using the microphone jack on the left side. A microphone is build into the laptop but an external mic can produce better results.

what microphone does gavin rosdale use

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