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No. The charger for the original DS is only compatible with the DS and Game Boy Advance.

The charger that the DSi XL uses is the same as the one used by the DSi and 3DS.

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โˆ™ 2011-04-19 06:38:43
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Q: Can I use the Nintendo DS charging cable to charge a DSi XL?
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Does a Nintendo 3ds plug into a dsi portable charger?

Yes. The DSi and the 3DS use the same charge cable. As well, the DSi charge cable can be used to power the 3DS' charging cradle too.

Who has had problems with charging Nintendo DSi?

Not me.

What does the USB cable for the Nintendo DSi do?

It charges the DSi, unless that is a separate cable.

Can you use a DS charge cable to charge a DSi XL?

No. The DS charge cable has a different connector than the DSi family of systems. The DS' charge cable can only be used to charge a DS or a Game Boy Advance SP, whereas the DSi's charge cable can charge a DSi, DSi XL or 3DS.

How can you charge the Nintendo DSi XL without a charger?

yes, you stick your penis in the wall outlet and you put your finger over the charging port it will charge.

Does the Nintendo 3DS use the same charger as other DS systems?

The 3DS uses the exact same charge cable that is used on the DSi and DSi XL (Part #WPA-002). You can charge the unit either with the cable alone or on the cradle, which the cable plugs into.

How can you charge your DSi without a charger?

A replacement charge cable can be bought from retailers or the Nintendo website.The DSi uses a charge cable with the part number WAP-002 and can be used on the DSi, DSi XL, and 3DS.Your DS/DSL/DSi/DSi XL/3DS(maybe) should be compatible with your Dads/Mothers/Brothers/Any family member's USB Laptop charger.

Why isn't my dsi charging?

Your Dsi could have a malfunction, or you may have overcharged it, causing it not to hold charge.

What the pink light on your Nintendo dsi?

When the powerlight on your Nintendo DSi turns pink, don't charge it, I don't know what when it does that though.

Does the dsi charge when its off?

The DSi, and any other Nintendo handheld, will charge as long as it is plugged in and receiving power. The system does not have to be on to charge. The DSi can charge a dead battery to full in about 3 hours.

What can you do with a dsi pluged to a Nintendo Wii?

charge it................................................................................................................. but don't try it

What to do when your dsi screen goes black?

Charge your DSI...if that doesn't work contact the Nintendo company.

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