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It's possible, if one or both parents now live in Idaho.

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How do you write a written response to motion to modify child support?

What form do I use to Answer that I disagree with a motion to modify child support

Where can you find a sample letter to modify child support?

You do not modify child support by letter. You would have to petition the court for a new court order.

How do you stop child support if the child dies?

Motion to modify current and future child support. Make request to child support enforcement.

Can you modify your child support arrangements after your child turned 18 years of age?

It depends on when your child support was supposed to end. If it has ended then it cannot be modified retroactively. If you are still paying support, some states go to 21, then you can file a motion to modify your child support.

Who provides Arizona child support enforcement?

The Division of Child Support Enforcement provides child support enforcement in Arizona. It is a part of the Department of Economic Security and is funded by the state of Arizona along with the federal government.

What application can the Illinois Department of Revenue send me to modify child support while in prison?

Revenue does not modify child support obligations. You need to file a motion/petition in the venue that issued the order for support.

I am paying child support in Wisconsin for 1 child I am divorcing in Iowa and my wife is getting half my salary in alimony Can I modify my child support order based on half income?

You can not modify your child support. Only the court can modify your child support. It is possible the court will do that. It is unusual for your wife to get half your salary. In setting child support, this is a deductible item in all states, that should have been taken into consideration. If not, you can request a modification. see links below

Can the mother of a new child modify the fathers child support from a previous marriege?

No, the father must support his previous child. You knew this when you had a new child with him.

When a child is abandoned by a parent receiving child support how does that child get the child support?

The persons in custody of the child must file for legal guardianship and request the court modify the child support order. The person needs legal standing to receive child support.

What is the rules to emanicipate a child from child support?

You need to file a motion with the court to emancipate the minor and modify child support. see link for applicable laws.

Can you still pay child support arrears if the child lives with you and the mother has been deported?

All you need to do is, petition the court to modify your child support order.

Where could one find information about Arizona Child Support?

You can find information about Arizona child support from the AZDES (Arizona Department of Economic Security) Government website. You can login to the site to manage your case.

Procedure to stop paying child support in new york?

Contact child support enforcement or file a motion to modify. see link

Will the indigent father have to pay child support?

As long as a child support order exist, yes. But, he should file a motion to modify the order.

How do you stop child support for a child pass the court ordered age?

Make an official request to Child Support Enforcement, or file a motion to modify. see links

How many years can we legally go back to modify child support in TN?

Child support in Tennessee can be reviewed and modified up to the age of majority.

Motion to modify?

Modify what? Custody? Child support? Both? Procedure to file? Procedure to answer? State or country where such an action is occurring or will occur?

Can a husband be responsible for child support for kids that are not his in the state of Idaho?

No, a person will not be ordered to pay child support on any children that are not his. The only way a person would be ordered to pay child support a child who is not theirs is if they had legally adopted that child.

Getting rid of child support arrears?

Motion to modify arrears.see links

Do you have to pay child support when unemployed?

Yes. However, you should visit the court immediately and it may modify the child support order while you're unemployed.

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