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<3 Matanga.

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Q: Can Inheritance and environment increase the risk for noncommunicable diseases.?
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Can inherited traits and environment increase the risk for noncommunicable diseases?


Inherited traits and environment can increase the risk for noncommunicable diseases?

true, &lt;3 Matanga.

Inherited traits and environment can increase the risk for noncommunicable diseases.?

true, &lt;3 Matanga.

What is the treatment to increase resistance to diseases?

There are several ways to prevent diseases: vaccines, clean environment, looking for medical help when needed and doing medical check ups.

How genetics and environment influence the quality of a person's well-being?

Genetics give the person the tendency for various diseases or disorders. The environment can have an impact on turning on those genetics. One example of this is a person with a predisposition for cancer. The environment can increase or decrease their probability of getting cancer.

What are the diseases caused due to the increase of WBC?


Carbon Dioxide Would Increase In The Environment If?

Carbon Dioxide would increase in the environment if the rain forests are demolished.

What are the diseases in which eosinophills increase in number?

parasites infections -allergic reactions

What does your body do to respond to diseases?

amount of white blood cells increase

What caused an increase in phosphorus pollution in Florida waters?

kedine diseases

How an increase in human population has led to an increase in pollution of the environment?

increase in human popullation leads to increase in agriculture . animals depended on floras or human activites or on humans have increase in population. this cycle of interdependance on each other is called food cycle. this food cycle leads to increase in increase in popullation of the environment.

What is the role of the EU?

To protect environment and increase development

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