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Can Japanese people say the letter L?

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There is no L in the Japanese language, but some Japanese can still say it with practice. If they cannot pronounce it properly they will most of the time use an R in its place. It's like somebody who cannot roll their Rs trying to roll their Rs, it's possible, but not easy and not natural.


That about says it, yes. If a Japanese person tries to just say "L", it usually comes out as "eru", while saying something like "lock" would come out as "rokku".


There is neither a 100% R nor a 100% L in Japanese, what they can pronounce naturally is a mild R most of times. If to give it percentage it's like 70% R 30% L, they don't say R with emphasis like other languages. Same goes with F and H (fu).

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Why cant Chinese people say the letter L?

because there not American. -------- Chinese people can pronounce the letter 'L'. It is the Japanese language that does not have the 'L' sound.

What does the letter L look like in Japanese?

the letter L is not in the Japanese alphabet.

What does L mean in Japanese?

the Japanese have no letter or sound for the English L.

What are some Japanese words that begin with the letter L?

There is no L in the Japanese language. There are none.

How do you write the letter l in Japanese?

You cant, Japanese dont use the letter 'l' they use 'r' (with a l'ish sound to it) instead.

What is something you say that begins with the letter L?

People say luck of the draw, like a bull in a china shop, last but not least, and let the cat out of the bag. The sayings begin with the letter L.

Why do Japanese people consistantly swap L and R?

This is due to the fact that, in Japanese, there is no distinctive 'r' or 'l' sound, only something in between.

What does kwnichiwa mean in Japanese?

If you meant to say "konichiwa" then it means good afternoon/good day in Japanese :L

How do you say kayalah in Japanese?

The 'L' does not exist in the Japanese language. Nor does a stand alone 'H'. You would have to rephrase it.

Is there an L letter in Japanese language?

There is no distinction in Japanese between R and L. The "R-like" consonant in Japanese sounds somewhat like a cross between R and L. In the syllable "ro" it sounds more like an L.In all romanization systems, this sound is written with an R.

How do you say Kayla in kanji?

Kayla cannot be written in Japanese kanji because (1) it isn't a Japanese word, and (2) there is no such sound as "l" in Japanese.

Does the word walk have a silent letter in it?

It depends on how you say it. Some people may say the l, but in the US for the most part, people say wak, with an aw sound instead of an al sound.Hope this helps!

How do you say cry in spanish?

you can say ' llora' but dont say the double L in english. say the double L as if you were saying the letter 'y'. i hope i helped you!!! :)

Which expletives begin with the letter L?

People shout "lemonade", "lookout" and "loser". They begin with the letter L.

How do you say write and pronounce Dale in Japanese?

ダル pronounced day-ru (a Japanese r is like an r and an l mixed together)

Why is the l in Japanese words spelled like an r?

The Japanese language has no l sound.

What is the abbreviation for Elliot?

El (pronounced "L") since you say El as the letter L, you could just use the abbreviation L

What ancient Egyptian god start with letter l?

L is for lliver which those people did have.

What is a nice word to say to a person that begins with the letter L?

· lovely

How do you say Nikola in Japanese?

Nikola is pronounced in Japanese as Ni Ko Ra because there's no L sound in Japanese and it is written as 二コラ、二 =Ni、 コ =Ko、ラ =RA 

How do you say natalia in Japanese?

ナタリア (nataria) is the Japanese word for "Natalia". It's pronunciation is the same except for the "l" which is sounded as a combination of r and l. I guess the easiest way to think of it, is to not relax your tongue at the top of your mouth when sounding it.

Is there a character representing the American character 'L' in Japanese?

No, there is not. The Japanese R-like consonant is a cross between an R and an L.

Why people sometimes say L before I?

Because I comes before E except after L

How do you say hailey in Japanese?

Names should be said the same no matter what language. However, Japanese doesn't really have the "l" sound. The closest a native Japanese speaker is likely to be able to get to "Hailey" using syllables common in Japanese is "ha-re".

What are some nine letter words with 1st letter L and 3rd letter L and 4th letter L and 8th letter L?

According to SOWPODS (the combination of Scrabble dictionaries used around the world) there are 1 words with the pattern L-LL---L-. That is, nine letter words with 1st letter L and 3rd letter L and 4th letter L and 8th letter L. In alphabetical order, they are: lollingly

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