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Can Leo be as good as his or her father is?

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How well does a Capricorn father relate to his Leo son?

I believe a capricorn and a leo may only relate through small conversations but it all depends on how the father is. All leos are friendly. They should be good on keeping peace unless the leo is disobedient.

What has the author Leo M Krenz written?

Leo M. Krenz has written: 'Our way to the Father'

When was Father Leo J. Austin Catholic Secondary School created?

Father Leo J. Austin Catholic Secondary School was created in 1989.

Is a sagitarious daughter compattible with her Leo father?

Yes, if the father isn't too strict.

Does a Leo and a Leo go good together?

I dontt know!!

Is diamond good for Leo?

Diamonds are good for any zodiacal sign, although it is not the birthstone for Leo.

What is Father Leo J. Austin Catholic Secondary School's motto?

The motto of Father Leo J. Austin Catholic Secondary School is 'Excellence, Faith, Community'.

Are Leo and Virgo a good couple?

Leo can be good with Aries, Gemini, Libra, Sagittarius. But there are always exceptions.

What has the author Leo J Callanan written?

Leo J. Callanan has written: 'Father Antonio Vieira, S.J., in Brazil'

Who is Leo Bell?

The Leo bell I know lived in up state NY, and vermont, he was the father of Vernon, and Raymond bell, He was a farmer

Who was the father of Pope Leo X?

He was the second son of Lorenzo the Magnificent.

Cancer and Leo?

Not a good match!

You are in love with a married Leo?

Not good!

What actors and actresses appeared in My Father - 2010?

The cast of My Father - 2010 includes: Leo Lavigne as Old Father Galen Scorer as Father Cole Scorer as Son

Who is Leo's father in the book The Lost Hero?

In the book 'The Lost Hero', the father of Leo is Hephaestus, the god of the forge and fire.

What is a good match for Leo?

Leo and Gemini could be a very compatible couple. Leo and Cancer is also another great match. A leo- Leo relationship could either be a match made in heaven or terrible match.

What is a good match for Libra?

Sagittarius and Leo.

Is Leo Good At Dead Rising?

Nope ^_^

What sign is a good match for a Leo?


Is Leo a good name for a dog?


Is Leo and Scorpio a good companions?

Not really.

Is the Leo horoscope good today?

Positive ...

Are a cancer and Leo compatible?

Yes, generally. If Leo is woman very good according to Indian astrology.

Is Gemini and Leo a good match?

Well Leo is like fire- fiery and bold whereas Gemini is seen as masculine twins. This is a good match because Leo and Gemini can support each other and live in harmony

What are the release dates for Father Knows Best - 1954 Hard Luck Leo 5-20?

Father Knows Best - 1954 Hard Luck Leo 5-20 was released on: USA: 26 January 1959