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Yes. Linux can be installed on a computer without ever having installed Windows, and can be installed to replace Windows entirely later on.

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Q: Can Linux be installed without having Windows?
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Related questions

Why is it difficult to install Windows when Linux is already installed?

Windows does not know how to resize Linux partitions or add Linux to its bootloader. It is also rather particular about where on the hard drive it is installed to.

Windows xp can be installed on a computer system in a multiboot configuration with what other OSs without requiring special third-party software?

Dos Linux Windows 95 Windows 2000

Can windows and Linux be installed in same computer?


Can Ubuntu be installed alongside Windows XP?

Yes Linux can be installed on the same computer.

Should businesses continue to switch to the Linux operating system on servers and mainframes Why or why not?

Two main reasons are it is not Microsoft, so Linux is free and without having to be licensed or registered, as with Windows. And Linux is much more stable and dependable than Windows.

How do you dual-boot Windows and Linux?

Install Windows first, if you have not installed either yet. After it is installed, just install Linux to the other partition or disk. Most modern Linux distributions use GRUB, which will detect and automatically configure a menu for you to choose from when you start the computer.

In what sequence should Linux and Windows XP be downloaded?

I suggest installing Windows, and then Linux (preferably on different physical hard drives). When Windows is installed it tends to overwrite the boot partition, making it difficult to boot linux afterwards.

Can a C or CPP program compiled on Linux run on Windows and vice-versa assuming that both the OSs are loaded in and can run on the same machine?

No. Windows and Linux have different APIs and ABIs for programs to access. You cannot run Linux binaries on Windows, and you can only run Windows binaries on Linux if you have Wine installed.

How do you install windows if you have Linux installed on your computer?

Boot with Windows install disk and follow instructions. Recommend unplugging Linux hard drive if you plan to dual-boot.

Is Linux considered a PC?

No, Linux is an operating system. Judging from the category: Your PS3 would be considered a PC after having Linux installed on it.

Is Adobe Fireworks compatible with ubuntu?

There is no Linux version of Adobe Fireworks. However, you can run the Windows version on Linux if you have Wine installed.

Can you have Windows XP and then install Yellow Dog Linux and use them both without corrupting the other OS?

Windows XP and Yellow Dog Linux are not capable of being installed on the same computer, unless one is in an emulator. An operating system in an emulator cannot affect the host system. So yes.

How do you get Linux with out touching windows iv tried looked all these different websites and i just want to get Linux try it out and see if i like it i want to be able to go back to windows?

Try the website in the related link. It's a downloadable emulator - that runs just like a Linux machine - without having to remove windows first. Simply follow the instructions for downloading.

Can Windows talk to Linux directly?

I'm not sure what you mean by "directly." Data can be transferred between the two through many protocols. Most networking protocols are platform-agnostic, meaning they can be sent and received on any network-capable operating system. If Linux has a Samba client installed, it can access files made available on a Windows share. If Windows has an NFS client installed, it can access Linux / Unix NFS shares.

What is the performance of a Linux operation system?

Depending on what's installed, Linux generally requires fewer resources than Windows and thus, performs faster.

Can you run Linux and Windows without any conflicts?

Yes, of course U can use WIndows and Linux on a same PC. For that u need to install boot loader which ask u for Operating System choice Option. Most of the time boot loader automatically gets installed when u install Linux on a windows machine. I have personal experience of running these two OS's simulteniously bye Happy computing

How do you create an ms-dos partition without windows installed?

You need some form of boot disk - a floppy of DOS, a Windows boot floppy, a bootable Windows CD, and sometimes Linux can be used to make a plain MS-DOS 16-bit fat) partition.

Will Google Chrome work on computers without Windows?

Yes, it can work on windows and without windows as well. It works on OS like Linux and Yosemite as well.

Can you install linux on a computer that has another operating system installed?

Yes, you can. It is known as dual booting. Install Windows first, then any Linux distribution of choice - Ubuntu, Mint, Puppy, and so on) second. When installing the Linux OS, you will be offered either to wipe completely and use the whole hard-drive, install Linux alongside Windows (or the OS already installed), or Custom Install. To dual-boot, choose install alongside...

Can Firefox be on the PS3?

The only way I know is to install a Linux OS on the PS3. Linux is like Windows or Mac, but is completely free. With Linux installed you can use your PS3 like a computer and also use firefox.

Can you uninstall windows from your computer?

Yes, you can but for that you will windows repair CD or something similar to. Or you can use Linux cds. Also you can a ms-dos bootable disk to format (delete) installed windows.

Examples of spreadsheet programs?

Excel [from Microsoft Office in Windows], Calc [from used mostly in Linux, but can be installed in Windows], & Numbers [from iWorks in Mac]

Can you infect Linux with a Windows virus?

Linux systems generally cannot be infected by Windows viruses. A virus could potentially affect Windows programs used on a system with Wine installed, but the damage would generally be limited to the Wine directory and would not impair native programs.

What if your printer is not supporting to Linux?

If the printer is not supported in Linux, you may still be able to print to it by connecting it to an Windows computer and "sharing" it over the network. Make sure you have Samba installed.

If you have just installed a new DVD drive and its drivers?

If you have just installed a new DVD drive and its drivers, it should appear in 'My Computer'. This holds for Linux and Windows OS's.