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Ubuntu is a Linux distribution from South Africa created by Mark Shuttleworth and funded by Canonical LTD. It is well-regarded among new Linux users due to its ease of use, support, and free shipping of installation CDs.

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Why does 'Error 1068 The Dependency Service or Group Failed To Start' appear when starting the remote access auto connection manager or print spooler in Windows XP?

Best answer is that the registry is corrupted you can do the steps on this page if you can get it to work. Another way is to just download a default services reg file. It will definitely fix your problem, however you may have to reload some programs or reactivate some needed services. It will also speed up your computer processing. You can go to and check out the downloads section for your Windows build or go to Windows Support website and check their downloads section for a similar file. This will save you time and headache of trying to get the program (or whole system in my case) to work with no result.

Make sure Network DDE and Network DDE DSDM are started in Services. You can get to services by going to Start, Run and typing Services.MSC

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What is meant by desktop support?

Basically, support for your computer, either it's software or the computer itself. Access to a company for any problems you may have with there product..

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Is crossover software needed with Ubuntu 10.04?

Crossover software is not strictly needed for any version of Ubuntu. Its purpose is to allow you to run Windows applications. if you have no need to run Windows applications, you do not need it.

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How do you see the current windows password with Linux I mean I know how to use chntpw but I want to know the current password and not clear it or edit it Any suggestions?

This is not possible


Hmm... Well, actually if I'm not mistaken, there are rainbow tables available that have explored the entire naming space for some, if not all, versions of Windows.

And there are password crackers like John the Ripper etc...

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How do you install a PCI card on Ubuntu?

This really depends on what you're installing (ex video, sound, modem, etc.). Once the PCI card has been physically installed the hardware should automatically be recognized by ubuntu. Ubuntu includes a wide variety of generic drivers that should allow you to use the device. If it is not detected google ubuntu and the model number of your hardware there is likely to be documentation for its installation

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How do you open vce file in ubuntu?

it is possible if you install wine

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What are the differences between Linux and embedded Linux?

For the most part they are the same but Embedded Linux is tailored for embedded devices that may have particular hardware configurations and limited resources.

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What is an odbc connection?

ODBC stands for Open Data Base Connectivity. It is a connection that is created to define a connection between a computer and a database stored on another system. The ODBC connection contains information needed to allow a computer user to access the information stored in a database that is not local to that computer. You need to define the type of the database application - like Microsoft SQL or Oracle or FoxPro or mySQL. Once you have defined the type of database you need to select or supply the appropriate driver for a connection (Windows already contains many of these) and then supply the name of the database file and the credentials needed to access the database.
Once the ODBC connection is created, you can tell specific programs to use that ODBC connection to access information in that database.

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What window manager does Ubuntu use?

This depends on what desktop environment is running. The Unity desktop uses the Compiz window manager. Unity 2D uses Metacity.

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Does the game 'I want to Be The Guy' work on Ubuntu?

There is no native version, but it runs fine under Wine.

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How do you download pygame onto Ubuntu?

type "sudo apt-get install python-pygame" into terminal

You can also use graphical package manager called synaptic:

Just type name of what you want in search box, and right click->install what you're interested in.

You will be asked for your password either way.

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Where can you get the game'Book Worm' download for Ubuntu Linux?

That isn't one of the programs that is designed to run natively through linux. You can try to install it using wine (at a terminal type wine <file name>. However there is no guarantee that it will work.

This assumes of course, that you already have wine installed. If not, go to System > Administration > Synaptic package manager and search for wine. and install it. once it is installed go to a terminal and type


this will set up wine for you, and then you can type in

wine <application name>

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Can data be recovered from a zero-filled hard disk?

YES data can be recovered from a zerofilled hard drive but it is extremely difficult and costly process. To recover data from it one has to use a special equipment that has the ability to detect What new zeros have been put on the magnetic plates of hard drive. The process involoves detecting and separtating older magnetic field from the newer one. Let me explain it by an example: Consider a piece of data: 10110101 When you will zero fill the data will become 00000000 As the drive is formated all ones are converted to zeros. In this process new zeros replace the older ones but the older zeros remain "in place". This causes magnetic fields of slightly diffrent intensities on the surface of the disk i.e., the magnetic field of older zeros is of lesser intensity then that of the newer zeros. This change can be read by special equipment under special conditions . This is how FBI recovers data from a ZERO-FILLED hard drive. Hoping this will answer your question. Awais Rauf.

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Does anyone know what the resolution of the iriver H10 20GB screen is?

The resolution of the iRiver H10 screen is 128 pixels by 128 pixels.

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How can you unrar a folder in Linux Ubuntu?

Install a package called rar using Synaptic Package Manager or using

$ sudo apt-get rar

Once the rar package is installed then use following command to

# rar e <compressed rar file>

this will extract the contents of rar file in the current directory.

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What are the advantages of Linux Ubuntu 8.04?

Over what?

If over Ubuntu 10.10 or other newer:

There are none, better get Ubuntu 10.10 or 10.04 if you prefer more stable, Long Term Support OS.

Over Windows:

-Better stability

-It's faster(though you can improve it even more, by downloading Xubuntu, which uses xfce4, which is much faster than GNOME)

-You're almost sure to never get any viruses

-No need to reinstall system, defragment hard drive, etc.

-Easy software downloading and installing, auto updating.
Compared to Windows


-security (default settings and operating system structure is designed in more secure fashion compared to Windows)

-stability (unless you go diving where you ought not your system shouldn't crash)

-free (can download without pirating)

-many free applications (there are many programs out there, that are capable of replicating windows application functionality)

-variety (Linux can run on a much wider variety of hardware than Windows)


-unfamiliar interface (for those who use Windows, learning Ubuntu may take some time)

-not all Windows applications have comparable Linux alternatives

-not all Windows applications who have no alternatives can be run via the WINE compatibility layer

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Does Ubuntu support multiprocessing?

Yes. By default, Ubuntu has supported multi processing since Ubuntu 5, due to the default kernel that loads is and SMP kernel. In other words it assumes a system has multiprocessing. If of course you don't, there is no degradation in performance.

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A program is synonymous with a process true or false?


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What Ubuntu command is used to check network adapter settings?


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What is Ubuntu?

Ubuntu is an operating system that can run on almost any computer. It is Linux based, and thus can be edited by many people. It is free to install and contains many free programs, so it is a great low-cost alternative to Windows.

Ubuntu is constantly being updated by dozens of people, so it is an operating system that fits the needs of many types of people.

Ubuntu is an African word meaning 'Humanity to others', or 'I am because we are'. The Ubuntu distribution brings the spirit of Ubuntu to the software world. This is where the name for the OS came from as it was developed by a South African named Mark Shuttleworth.

Ubuntu is a community developed, Linux-based operating system that is perfect for laptops, desktops and servers. It contains all the applications you need - a web browser, presentation, document and spreadsheet software, instant messaging and much more.

If you want to download "Ubuntu" check out the related links below.

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Download movies in ubuntu 8.04?

If you are seeking a bittorrent client there are a variety of options. two popular choices are transmission and deluge.

PS. I suggest that you upgrade to the latest ubuntu for security reasons

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How do you shrink Windows XP partition and increase Ubuntu partition?

Use your Ubuntu CD. Find a program called "GParted" or "Gnome Partition Editor". Click on your XP partition and click "Resize" and make it smaller. Then, do the same with your Ubuntu partition, and drag it until it fills the space left by XP.

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Is Ubuntu a multitasking OS?



The answer above is perhaps the most perfect answer I've ever seen in this forum. I don't think it can be improved.

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How do you clear a search history in ubuntu Linux?

I figure you are talking about firefox internet browser? To clear history,open firefox, go to tools>Clear Recent History, and select how long (everything reccommended). click clear, and your all set

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What is the comparative networking features of windows and Linux?

Linux has more good, fast and easy-to-use servers.

The TCP/IP stack is slightly faster

There is no limit as to amount of connections.

Guess that's it, aside from better security and speed of system itself.


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