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Mario Kart 7 is a Nintendo 3DS game, so no.

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โˆ™ 2011-12-22 00:59:13
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Q: Can Mario kart 7 work for the normal NDS?
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Can you play Mario kart 7 on a regular DS?

No, you can't. 3DS games are not playable for the NDS or NDSi.

Are there cheat codes for Mario Kart NDS for non WiFi multiplayer?

Yes. And I'm not gonna tell you.

Why can Pokemon Platinum work on Nogba but not on NDS?

Pokemon platinum can work on NDS

IS THERE A CHEAT for getting rob on Mario kart nds?

you have to beat 150cc with all gold trophies to unlock 150cc retro mirror mode and then beat 150cc retro mirror mode with all gold trophies

I downloaded Mario kart on to your r4ds but when i try to play it it says not support extZIP?

extZIP must refer to a zipped file. You will need to use a zip extractor such as 7-Zip to extract the .nds file out of the zip.

Codebreaker Codes for New Super Mario Brothers?

i found codebreaker codes for New Super Mario bros at for NDS theres a total of 25 codes

Does ttds or dstt gba expansion work with both nds or just nds light?

it works with both i have one

What if your NDS stylus isn't working?

Your Nds stylus should work and if it doesn't, go to opations and calibrate the touch screen.

Does the NDS AR work for Game Boy Advance games?


In Mario Kart DS how you get shy guy?

No, You cant get him like the other unlockables in the game You can only get Shy Guy on multiplayer mode and play "Simple mode" Unless you use a R4 Card (NDS Revolution Card) cheat code and turn Always is the code to Shy-Guy. Without a revolution card it has to be in multiplayer mode in simple mode, which is the one where the other players dont have Mario Kart ds and they have to download and play.

How do you charge a nds without a charger?

You can do it with an usb cable , connect the usb cable to the nds and a PC , the nds will charge...

What is better a PSP on NDS?

A psp is better but a nds is cheaper

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