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yes she does know how to play guitar

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Q: Can Miley Cyrus play the guitar?
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What instument does Miley Cyrus play?

miley plays the guitar

What instrument does Brandi play in Miley Cyrus band?

guitar. Brandi is miley cyrus' big sister.

Does Miley Cyrus play on steam?

Not necessarily. Miley plays the Acoustic Guitar, but can play the Electric Guitar. Miley is slowly learning how to play the piano though.

What is Miley Cyrus favorite game to play?

Guitar hero guitar hero.

What is the easiest Miley Cyrus song to play on guitar?

'If we were a movie'NOTE:Add the 'if' in there!

Does Miley Cyrus play any instruments?

Yeah, the guitar.

In the Hannah Montana show does Miley Cyrus play the guitar?


Does Miley Cyrus play guitar?

According to a website a magazine and her book yes she does

When did Miley Cyrus start playing the guitar?

She dosen't. She just strums it and it looks like she knows how to play a guitar.

Does Miley Cyrus play GH3?

She plays Guitar hero but i don't know about gh3.

What are Miley Cyrus's instruments?


What instruments does Miley Cyrus have in her songs?

Electric guitar...the other people in her band also play guitar and drums. I think.