Can Muslim eat pork meat

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Q: Can Muslim eat pork meat
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Related questions

Is it ok for a muslim to eat a Christian's meat?

Not if it's pork.

Is it OK for a Muslim to eat at least one kind of pork?

no. it is not ok for a Muslim to eat any kind of pork or meat related to pigs.

If you don't eat pork what are you?

That depends on why you don't eat pork. If it is for religious reasons, you might be a Jew or a Muslim. If you don't eat pork because you don't eat meat, you are a vegetarian.

What type of meat is allowed to Muslim to eat?

They are allowed to eat any meat other than pork, as long as it is Halal.

What doesnt Muslim people eat?

Muslim people don't eat pork or gelatin. Also the meat that they eat has to be halal. It has to be butchered islamically.

Can a Muslim serve pork?

No! they are not allowed to eat pork.

What Muslim eat for dinner?

They eat what you eat not pork!!!!

Do Arabians eat meat?

Not particularly sure what you mean my Arabians, but assuming you mean those people that live on the Arabian peninsula the majority of them would be Muslim and so would not eat pork or blood.yes they eat meat but cow meat or goat meat not pig meat.

Does Zayn Malik eat pork?

No zayn is muslim so he cant eat pork

Is pork the worst meat to eat?

pink meat is considered the worst meat to eat...

Why cant Buddhists eat pork?

Well, they can eat pork. Nothing bad happens to them if they do. You probably mean "Why are they not allowed or supposed to eat pork" As far as I know there is no strict rule that fobids Buddhists to eat pork or meat. Some just don´t like to eat meat because they don´t want to hurt animals. Muslim religion , however, has a strict rule against eating pork. Pigs are considered unclean.

Is it safe to eat pork meat and pork products?

If pork products are properly cooked, they are safe to eat.

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