Can Muslims eat nuts?


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Yes, it is allowed for Muslims to eat nuts.

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Squirrels eat nuts.

yes...musims do eat w/ non Muslims..but Muslims don't eat pork..that's it..i tinnk...

No they can not eat nuts. They can choke and nuts are not a part of there diet.

Yes, a deer can eat nuts. :]

In their native habitat, kangaroos do not eat nuts.

Piranhas don't eat nuts.

Muslims don't eat Pork

the Muslims do not eat pig and snake

Yes, Muslims do eat noodles.

Unless allergic to nuts, I don't think of any reson why they can't eat nuts.

Well you are what you eat, and I don't eat many nuts, so probably not.

Yes, Wild Deer Eat Nuts :]

no. rabbits should not be allowed to eat nuts.

Babys can only eat nuts if its chewed up for them

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Monkeys eat both, seeds and nuts.

Yes Muslims are allowed to eat goat.

Muslims eat after praying Maghrib.

they have strong teeth to open the nuts they eat, they also bang the nuts on a hard surface to see if they are good or bad nuts (:

they eat nuts big nuts and mangos and coconuts

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Muslims do eat zabiha/hallal chicken.

Muslims do eat. In fact, everybody eats. But there is this month that they fast.

No. True Muslims don't eat pork.

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