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yes. nannies can actually collect unemployment

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โˆ™ 2013-11-16 21:11:38
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Q: Can Nannie collect unemployment checks
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What does Dishonest Nonworkers mean?

You collect unemployment checks, but don't work.

Can one household collect two unemployment checks?

yes as long it is two different people

Can you collect unemployment benefits if your checks keep bouncing from your employer and you quit because you cant cash your checks?

Unemployment law differs somewhat from state to state. The best thing to do would be to contact your state's unemployment office and ask them what the rules are there.

I received a weekly paycheck as a owner of a company can i still collect unemployment if our company goes bankrupt?

Unemployment benefits are paid by your state, so benefit checks will not be effected by bankruptcy.

Can you collect unemployment if you are working under stress?

You can't earn unemployment checks without being unemployed. If it's become too much stress, find another job.

How can you collect unemployment in New York?

You can't collect unemployment. It's impossible.

Can college students collect unemployment?

Yes and no. If a college student is working and gets fired or layed off then they can collect unemployment. If they are not working then no they can't collect unemployment because they have no job to collect it from.

Can you collect unemployment insurance after you are released from jail?

if paroled from jail can i still collect unemployment

Can you collect unemployment in Texas for getting fired?

hello Can you collect unemployment in Texas if you were fired?

If you just got a check for the unemployment third extension and you started collecting Social Security retirement checks are you intitled to collect both?

Yes, neither Social Security nor unemployment affect the other.

Can unemployment checks be addressed to a shelter?

If a person is homeless, the unemployment checks would normally be sent to a post office box. It is unlikely a State would address unemployment checks to the address of a shelter.

Can you collect unemployment and do freelance work in Florida?

That would be dishonest, you can not collect unemployment if you are freelance working.

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