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yes,nintendogs can make puppies

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yes you can but has to be femail and male

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Q: Can Nintendogs breed and make puppies?
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Can you feed Nintendogs water to make them breed?

No, Nintendogs can never breed or have puppies.

How long does it take for Nintendogs to have puppies?

Nintendogs can't breed or have puppies.

On Nintendogs is it true only shiba inus can have puppies?

no that is not true all nintendogs in any breed can have puppies

Can you breed chihuahuas on Nintendogs?

No, Nintendogs remain as puppies, so they cannot be bred. The same applies to any other breed.

How many times must i breed on nintendogs?

You can't breed Nintendogs, they stay puppies forever unless you use hacks.

Breed Nintendogs Nintendo DS litel?

You cannot breed puppies on the game.

How do you breed Nintendogs on your DS?

You cannot breed the Nintendogs on the DS as they are essentially puppies themselves. If you want another pup you will have to adopt one.

Do you have to have 9000 trainer pts to have a baby puppy on nintendogs?

Yes, all Nintendogs are puppies. Just go to the Kennel to purchase one. However, if you mean breeding Nintendogs to have puppies, then the answer will be no. You can't breed Nintendogs

Can you make puppies on Nintendogs?


If you have to dogs the same breed then buy a different dog not the same breed will the two dogs the same breed still have puppies in nintendogs i only have one more room for one more dog?

You can't breed in Nintendogs. They stay puppies 4ever.

Make puppies on Nintendogs?

No, you can't make puppies in Nintendogs. You have to buy puppies from the kennel. yes you can, you get a female dog and male dog of the same breed. Then you put a rose on the female dog and a lucky collar on the male dog. After that you play the nintendogs theme. Make sure you make your nintendogs really happy and well fed first. then save and turn it on, the next morning you should have one puppy. Try it, it worked for me and my friends!!

Can two different Nintendogs make cross-bred puppies?

no you cant.. not even normal puppies because they are not even dogs they are puppies they cant breed... who ever sais they can or have before are liars...!