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You can't breed in Nintendogs. They stay puppies 4ever.

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Q: If you have to dogs the same breed then buy a different dog not the same breed will the two dogs the same breed still have puppies in nintendogs i only have one more room for one more dog?
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How do you breed on Nintendogs plus cats 3ds?

Well the creators of nintendogs wanted this to be more simple but still fun so they didnt want to be able to make puppies on the game. Sorry. You can't. :( Hope I helped.

Will your Nintendogs dog still have a puppy if you get on to feed them?

Your dog cannot have puppies, it's impossible on that game!

How many different Nintendogs games are there?

There R 6 1) nintendogs daschund & friends 2) nintendogs chihauhau & friends 3) nibtendogs dalmatian and friends 4) nintendogs lab and friends ( was nintendogs shiba inu and friends but changed the name and still has the shiba as a starting breed on it) 5) nintendogs best friends 6) nintendogs + cats ( comes out with the 3DS) only 4 de 3ds)

If you unlock a new breed through Nintendogs bark mode when you restart the Nintendogs game will it still be there?

yes that breed will be with you all though the game even if you start again try mixing a mini sch with a bull dog

Is it true you can get a mansion on Nintendogs?

Hi! You can't get a mansion on nintendogs but you can get different styles of houses... But I think there is no point of it because it is still the same space but different decorations..

Can a dog with cardiomyopathy breed?

Yes, a dog with cardiomyopathy can still breed. However, there is a chance that the puppies may inherit this heart problem.

Is Breeding two different types of dogs for a designer breed safe?

Yes it is. Nothing will happen to the dogs. It will come out as a mixed breed and you will have some mutts. It is ok though because people are still willing to buy puppies for a good price.

When is your pit bull puppy not a puppy?

All puppies are still considered "puppies" until they are about 1 year old. But if you want to know something specific about your dog/breed ask your vet

Can a thirteen year old female dog still have puppies?

if she is still having seasons then in theory she could get pregnant but you should ABSOLUTELY NOT breed a dog of that age it would be dangerous for her and the puppies would most likely be unhealthy and/or deformed.

What would a bulldog mom and pug dad puppies look like?

There is no way of prediciting the results when you mix two breeds. Each pup in the litter can have a radically different appearance. There is also no predicting the type of personality they will have. People breed pure bred dogs so that the puppies will have consistant appearance and personality. There will still be some variation, but the puppies will be very similar.

What if a big shih tzu breed a small female shih tzu will it have puppies?

yes it will still have puppies but watch them when they mate because if she is not steadied by her owner in the 'tie' then he may damage the bitch. hope i helped and hope you get a good litter of puppies. good luck.

Can you get Nintendogs on the Wii?

No you cannot. Nintendo is still thinking about making a Nintendogs for Wii. So hopefully they will make it (:

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