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Well the creators of nintendogs wanted this to be more simple but still fun so they didnt want to be able to make puppies on the game. Sorry. You can't. :( Hope I helped.

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โˆ™ 2012-02-07 23:50:21
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Q: How do you breed on Nintendogs plus cats 3ds?
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Can you breed on Nintendogs plus cats 3ds?

Yes you can breed Nintendogs.

Does America sell Nintendogs plus cats for dsi?

Sorry, but Nintendogs Plus Cats is only available for the 3DS.

What system do you play Nintendogs and cats on?

you play nintendogs and cats on a 3ds

Nintendogs plus cats work for ds?

Nintendogs + cats will only work for the 3ds. It will not work with the ds, ds lite, dsi, or dsi xl.

Do you have to have a 3ds to play Nintendogs plus cats?

Yes, You do have to have a 3Ds to play that game. But there is just "NintenDogs" You can play this game on a DS or DSi but I'm not sure if you can play that game in the 3Ds. Hope this Helps

Can you get Nintendogs 2 on DS?

There is not a Nintendogs 2 but there is Nintendogs + Cats for the 3ds, which cannot be played on any other console but a 3DS.

Does the Nintendo 3ds come with Nintendogs plus Cats?

There is a pink version that is only available in Europe that does.

Where are Nintendogs Plus Cats photos stored?

Pictures taken in Nintendogs + Cats can only be stored on the SD card. The 3DS does not support saving photos to internal storage.

Will the new Nintendogs plus cats only before the 3DS?

this question makes no sence, if someone knows what it means please help I know what it means! the person said (before) instead of (be for) so the answer now is, YES the nintendogs plus cats WILL only be for the 3ds

How do you breed Nintendogs?

Nintendogs cannot be bred in both the NDS and the 3DS version.

Is it possible to use the 'barkmode' feature on nintendogs plus cats or can you connect to other 3DS consoles in anyway while playing this game?

No, you can't. But you can Download Play with your friends Nintendogs+cats.

Can nintendogs plus cats be played on a regular DS?

sorry. DS games can be played on a 3DS in 2D. 3DS games can not be played on a DS at all.

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