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Nintendogs + cats will only work for the 3ds. It will not work with the ds, ds lite, dsi, or dsi xl.

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Nintendo currently has no plans to release Nintendogs + Cats on the DS.

Nintendo has no plans to release Nintendogs + Cats on the DS at this time.

Nintendogs is for DS. And i have to say, it was my first DS game and its really fun. Great for starters. But Ive not heard of cats before sorry.

I don't think you can do that on nintendogs + cats

sorry. DS games can be played on a 3DS in 2D. 3DS games can not be played on a DS at all.

There is not a Nintendogs 2 but there is Nintendogs + Cats for the 3ds, which cannot be played on any other console but a 3DS.

Yes, all games labeled NINTENDO DS will work on ds lite, dsi, and dsi XL game controllers. Also, Gamecube games will work on ds lites.

Yes, You do have to have a 3Ds to play that game. But there is just "NintenDogs" You can play this game on a DS or DSi but I'm not sure if you can play that game in the 3Ds. Hope this Helps

You could, if you had 2 Nintendo DS'. But if you only have one, I'm afraid you can't because you need bark mode for it ahaha. I would recommend borrowing a NDS from a friend or something and just quickly do it. :)

You cannot check the age of your nintendog, they will stay puppies forever. In the DS version of nintendogs, though, you can check how much time you have spent with your puppy.

there are a total of 6 nintendogs games. #1 Nintendogs Labrador Retriever & Friends #2 Nintendogs Dachshund & Friends #3 Nintendogs Dalmation & Friends #4 Nintendogs Chihuahua & Friends #5 Nintendogs Best Friends (this one only came with a special limited edition Nintendogs ds) #6 Nintendogs + Cats (this one comes out next year only for the Nintendo 3DS)

Nintendogs is first game of Nintendo DS and first it was sale with Nintendo DS. So its invented in 2005.

No, nintendogs is exclusive to the Nintendo DS

You cannot breed the Nintendogs on the DS as they are essentially puppies themselves. If you want another pup you will have to adopt one.


No, the Australian Shepherd is not available in any version of Nintendogs.

It depends on what you're talking about. If it's the 3Ds version, then no. If it's the Ds version, then yes, it works!

the most popular ds game is nintendogs

animal crossing for the game cube, ds and wii and soon to be 3ds. zoo tycoon ds 2 petz series with hamsters,cats dogs,horses, and more. nintendogs and there are tons more

it does, it only works on certain Nintendo ds games like nintendogs and bratz ponyz. that's all i can think of. hope this helped.

As of September 30 2008, sales of Nintendogs was just over 20 million (~20,060,000)

Yes... You just have to get Action Replay Ds/Ds lite.

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