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No. It should not harm a unborn child.

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Q: Can Pleurisy harm a unborn child?
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Can Pleurisy harm an unborn child?


Can gabapentin harm my unborn child?

Can gabapentin harm my unborn child

Does Diet Coke harm an unborn child?


Can reaching above your head can harm the unborn child?

No. This does not harm the baby.

Can 1 cup of coffee harm your unborn child?

Highly unlikely.

Can running harm an unborn child?

No. An unborn child can run all it wants. See discussion page for answers about "Can a pregnant woman run without harming her fetus?".

Does arguing harm an unborn child?

yes it does. It will bring on stress to the mother and also baby and this is not good.

Can thrush tablets harm unborn babies?

No.But it isn't recommended you even take things like paracetemol when you have an unborn baby,Normally it's best to use creams.

Why cant i have a x ray if you have not had your periods?

Because if there is a chance you are pregnant the X-rays could harm your unborn child.

Can eating 2 3 lemons at every meal harm an unborn baby?

No. It will not harm the unborn baby.

Does stress it will harm the unborn baby kidney?

Stress during a woman's pregnancy can have an impact on the health of an unborn child. The baby's kidneys, heart, liver and brain may all be affected.

Can marijuana harm your unborn child?

probably, I wouldn't revommend any drugs, alcohol or caffeine when your pregnant Also no smoking