Can Satan be killed

Updated: 10/10/2023
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no, Satan is the opposite of good and would be like a circle that has 4 sides, makes no sense, although some believe he can be replaced since he did have a son

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Q: Can Satan be killed
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Did Saint Michael kill Satan?

He did not kill Satan. He killed the symbol of the snake (the snake). God is the only person who can kill satan

Who Killed Mr Satan In Dragon Ball Z?

i did. sucker noobish cocksucking big balls

Who killed cain and abel?

The Satan. The Enemy. In Non Canonical Books Cain was accidentally killed in a hunting accident. He was in some bushes and was mistaken for an animal.

Who killed her own children?

there are alot of people but i know 2 people who did : Andrea Yates : she killed them to save them from so called "Satan" : Susan Smith : she drowned them in her car, but i don't know why she killed them

In the book of Job in the Bible who is not killed as a part of Satan's test os Job's faith but for cursing God?

Job:2:9: Then said his wife unto him, Dost thou still retain thine integrity? curse God, and die. His wife was not killed as a part of Satan's test.

Did Satan performed any Miracles?

In Christian theology, Satan is often portrayed as a deceptive being who may try to mimic miracles to mislead people. However, true miracles, understood as acts of divine intervention, are attributed to God or other holy figures, not Satan. Satan's actions are typically portrayed as deceitful and harmful rather than miraculous.

What are facts about early gold miners?

they mined gold they were evil greedy men that constantly killed jewish people. they worshipped satan

Why wasn't Raditz in the super Android 17 saga?

He probably did escape from hell, but he was so weak that Mr. Satan probably killed him.

English to German for word Satan?

It's just Satan still

What is the Swedish word for Satan?

Satan is satan in Swedish.

How do you kill Lucifer?

Some Christians seem to believe that the solution to the problems of the world is to kill someone. But if Lucifer, or more correctly Satan, could be killed he would surely have been killed long ago. There are some real, though symbolic, ways to 'kill' Satan. The Jews regard Satan as the loyal assistant of God, tasked to test the righteousness of the faithful. This belief, hundreds of years older than the Christian view, kills the notion of Satan as a danger to humanity. Another is to cease believing in Satan, who after all was never mentioned in any book of the Bible written before the time of the Babylonian Exile. If no one believes Satan exists any longer, then he is dead. These are symbolic deaths, but following them lifts us above the base desire for blood in whatever form.

Can you kill Satan?

Yes, but only if you follow Satans footsteps he can kill you anytime, but if you follow Gods footsteps he can't kill you, but if he killed someone who believes in God, God will fight the Devil, on destruction day.