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Can Spider-Man lift King Kong up?

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Spiderman can lift up to eighty times his own weight in accordance with the lifting capacity of Spiders. He is of lean, athletic build, young, and not particularly tall, so we can assume that he probably weighs no more than about 200lbs (~ 90kgs). This puts the limit of his lifting capacity at about 16,000lbs (~7,250kgs). At the very least, he has been portrayed bench-pressing six tons (12,000lbs / 5,443kgs).

Depictions of King Kong's size vary, with him appearing to be about 50 feet tall in the original 1933 movie posters, varying from 14 feet (in the jungle) to 24 feet (in Manhattan) tall in the actual movie, but a fairly constant 25 feet tall in the 2005 adaptation (thanks to CGI). We'll discard the 1976 adaptation as irrelevant for the sake of simplicity.

Estimates of King Kong's weight abound at around 20-60 tons (~40,000-120,000lbs / ~18,140-54,400kgs). The original stop-motion animator on the 1933 movie estimated a weight of around 38 tons (~76,000lbs / ~34,470kgs), but let's accept the 2005 movie's assertion that he weighs 8,000lbs (~3,628kgs).

Assuming the lower limits expressed above (and ignoring the physics that would greatly reduce Spidermans lifting capacity and render King Kong a biophysical impossibility), it seems that Spiderman could lift King Kong!

However, if King Kong were to weigh twice as much (still much lower than many other estimates), poor Spidey would be pushing himself too far.

Even pumped up on adrenaline or augmented by the Venom parasite, it seems that King Kong would probably be scraping bits of Spiderman from his sole at the original animator's estimate of 38 tons.

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