Can Superman beat cosmic Spider Man and why?

Updated: 8/18/2019
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Q: Can Superman beat cosmic Spider Man and why?
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Who would win in a fight Superman or cosmic spider-man?

Cosmic Spider Man would win. He has no weakness unlike Superman. Some ppl mite argue that Super Man would win but face the real facts Spider Man is "cosmic" and could do anything that Super Man does plus more.

Can thor beat cosmic spider man?


Who is stronger Superman or Spider-Man?

superman, by far

Did Spider-Man kill Superman?

Well, Spider-man and Superman did meet back in the 70's, you'll have to google it.

Who is more famous Spider-Man or Superman?

spider-man ----- It is only your choice !

Can Superman kill Spider-Man?

Yes he can. Spider-man would not be able to put the man of steel down either by kicking, punching or shooting spider weds on him. Superman kills him.

Who is more famous Superman or Spider-Man?

spider-man is because he is more current

Who is better spider-man or Superman?

Spider-man in my opinion. I think he is cooler with his awesome agility and moves. But I do admit that I know Superman can take him on. I agree, spider-man is way better then superman. Superman is pretty lame, I mean hes invincible! it's the same thing every time; Superman goes in, Oh no Kryptonite! He gets away, stops the villain, and saves the day. yippee skippee.

Who would win in a fight between Spider-Man or Superman?

Superman easily.

If the Hulk and Spider-man got into a fight with Superman on Superman's home planet who would win?


Order of Superman based on how powerfull they are?

ultimate superman (strongest) superman prime one million superman prime super man with sowrd of superman tough robot superman all star superman cosmic super man silver superman pre crisis superman normal superman (weakest)

How do you get cosmic Spider-Man suits on Spider-Man shattered dimensions?

finish all the challenges in the game and collect all spider elbems