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TFT monitors can be used as a TV screen with a little modification. They just need a "TV combo box" which helps to receive antenna signals and transform them into formats that are visible on TFT screens.

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What is the difference between CRT and TFT monitor?

CRT monitors are the old traditional fat monitors that look like TVs, and TFT are flat screens.

What is a TFT LCD monitor used for?

A TFT LCD monitor is used for televisions, mobile phones, and computer monitors. It can also be used for navigation systems and handheld video gaming systems.

Where is the TFT?

TFT is Thin Film Transistor. It is also known as flat screen. There are TFT computers. There are also TFT TVs.

What devices can be used with computer monitors?

Computer monitors are used as a display device for computers. Monitors can also be used instead of a television screen to play Playstation and X-Box games.

Do flat screen tv monitors store memory?


What is the difference between an TFT and a CRT monitor?

TFT is thin film transistor, i.e. LCD flat screen. CRT is cathode ray tube. The 'older' style big box TV.

Do all TVs with HDMI connections work as monitors?

Yes, a monitor is a tv screen with no tuner and sometimes no audio built in.

What is the difference between computer monitor and television monitor?

Computer monitors have higher resolution (more lines or pixels) than television monitors (screens or tubes). Computer monitors also have the ability to "address" (pinpoint and turn on/off or color) every pixel (single dot of color on the screen). Television monitors do not have that precision.

Why is a computer screen called CRT?

CRT stands for Cathode Ray Tube, This is the way that the image is projected onto the screen. In much the same way as old style TVs and is the reason CRT screens have that big back end (to accomadate the Cathode Ray Tube) This is different from newer Computer Monitors such as TFT screens; Trans reflective. Etc

What 3 colors are used to create color white on a tv or computer screen?

Generally, televisions and monitors use red, green, and blue as their primary colors, and thus all three are used to create the color white.

Where are LCD Monitors used?

LCD monitors are used for computers as well as televisions and cells phone displays. They are used in homes, businesses, and by the military.

The two main types of computer monitors are?

The two main types of computer monitors are:CRT (Cathode Ray Tube) Monitors (like a big old-school TV)LCD (Liquid Crystal Display) Monitors (flat-screen)

How do computer screens use magnets?

In LCD "Flat screen" monitors, magnets are not used in the production of an image. In older CRT monitors (the big, heavy ones that look like an old TV set), magnets were used to manipulate the rays of light being sent to the surface of the screen, to help produce an accurate and clear image.

Type of monitor that uses a liquid display crystal?

A thin film transistor liquid crystal display(TFT-LCD) is a variant of liquid crystal display (LCD) which uses thin film transistor (TFT) technology to improve image quality (e.g. addressability, contrast). TFT LCD is one type of active matrix LCD, though all LCD-screens are based on TFT active matrix addressing. TFT LCDs are used in television sets, computer monitors, mobile phones and computers, handheld video game systems, personal digital assistants, navigation systems, projectors, etc.

What cables are used to connect flat screen computer monitors to a television?

HDMI cables are used to relay signal between other HDMI compatible sources. DVI to HDMI cables may need to be used depending on the TV model, make and compatibility.

Why TV is not used as monitor?

A television screen is used as a monitor.

What is a difference between a panel and a monitor?

Monitors are the old school bulky computer screens which resemble older tvs. A panel is a monitor which is thin and has a flat screen. Regardless of which one it is, any screen used for a computer is considered the monitor.

Can televisions be used as computer monitors?

Yes if it has VGA or HDMI input.

Can an LCD monitor be used as a flat screen tv without a computer hookup but hooked to a satellite system?

As far as I know, you CAN'T. While some LCD monitors do have a tv tuner and can process the data coming from the satelite receiver...most can't. If you are in the market for an lcd screen and want to make dual use of it, look for one that includes a component (R, Yb, G) input in addition to the standard VGA connection. You can however, use any monitor be it LCD or CRT as a tv if you have something like an AverMedia tv tuner (stand-alone tv tuner that will decode tv signal from your satellite box). There are some LCD monitors that do have multiple inputs, and are meant to be used as computer monitors as well as TVs. Good luck

What is a CRT used for?

A CRT, cathode ray tube, is used in televisions and traditional computer monitors to create images by deflecting and accelerating the electron beans onto the screen. It is a vacuum tube that contains electron guns.

Which monitors are better for a computer?

LCD monitors with high pixel densities are more suitable for computer usage than television screens which more commonly use Plasma or CRT screen technologies.

What is the difference between a television and a monitor?

Well, when you get to the very basics, there is no difference. In fact, some televisions can even be used as computer monitors now, but most monitors cannot be used as televisions.When not looking at the basics, a monitor typically has a higher resolution, or more pixels.

Can you use polish on a plasma tv screen?

Its better to use screen cleaner of the type used for computer monitors as these are alcohol based and dry without leaving a reside. Polish can be affected by the heat of the screen. DO NOT clean a hot screen and do not press hard of the screen itself as this can cause damage . Always refer to the manufacturers instructions as well as there are issues of warranty to consider

Can a LCD monitor be used as a tv screen?

Monitors by definition have no tuner, so to use one as a TV you would need a tuner card in your computer. There were some tuner boxes for that purpose but they never caught on. Some tivo type boxes will use a monitor too. Yes it can as long as it has the correct input cables.

How are radio waves used?

Radiowaves are used for television broadcasting, radio signals, and heart rate monitors.