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Venus is larger than Mars, but a little smaller than Earth.

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Is venus the largest planet in your solar system?

No. Venus is the sixth largest planet out of the eight in our solar system, after Jupiter, Saturn and Uranus, Neptune and Earth. Mars and Mercury are the two which are smaller than Venus.

Which planet is bigger Mars or Venus?

Venus is BIGGER then Mars.Venus has a diameter of 12,104 km where as Mars is only 6,787 km.Venus is bigger than Mars. Venus is the sixth biggest planet in our Solar System and Mars is the seventh.

Which planet if further from the sun mars or Venus?

Mars is further from the sun than Venus. Mars is the fourth closest, while Venus is the second closest planet to the sun.

Mars size compared to earth?

The planet Mars is smaller than the Earth. It is also smaller than the planet Venus, which is the planet that is closest in size to the Earth (but like Mars, Venus is smaller than the Earth).

Which planet is far than from the sun. mars or venus?

venus is the far planet than mercury because the mercury is the first planet and the venus is the second

Which planet is farther from the sun than Venus but closer than Mars?

Earth is farther from the sun than Venus, but closer than Mars.

What planet is bigger Mars or Venus?

Venus is bigger than Mars.

Which planet is smaller than Venus?

Both Mars and Mercury are smaller than Venus. Pluto is also smaller than Venus, although it is no longer considered a planet.

Is Venus smaller or larger than Saturn?

Venus is far smaller than Saturn. Venus is the thrid smallest planet in the solar system, larger than Mars and Mercury, bust smaller than everything else. Saturn is the second largest planet. Only Jupiter is larger.

What is the 6th biggest planet in the solar system?

Venus is the sixth largest planet out of the eight in our solar system, after Jupiter, Saturn and Uranus, Neptune and Earth. Mars and Mercury are the two which are smaller than Venus.

How does Earth rate among planets in terms of size?

Earth is the largest "terrestrial planet" and 5th largest major planet in the solar system.It is larger than Mercury, Mars, and Venus.Planets in order of size, smallest to largest :MercuryMarsVenusEarthNeptuneUranusSaturnJupiter(see related link)

Is Mars the 4th biggest planet?

No, in order of size from largest to smallest the planets are:# Jupiter # Saturn # Uranus # Neptune # Earth # Venus # Mars # MercuryNo. Jupiter, Saturn, Neptune, Uranus, Earth and Venus are all larger than Mars.

Which is biggest planet Mars or earth?

Earth is larger than Mars, but Earth is not the largest planet.

Is Mars the closest planet to earth?

No Mars is 73,342,130 km from Earth where as Venus is closer at 41,397,870 kmNo, Venus is closer to Earth than Mars.

Does Mars or venus have more volcanoes?

Venus has more volcanoes than Mars. In fact, Venus has the most volcanoes than any other planet. There were three active volcanoes found on Venus in 2010.

What planet is closer to the sun than Mars?

Mercury Venus and Earth are all closer to the sun than mars

What planet has volcanoes?

There are more than one. They are Venus, Earth and Mars.

Is Mars the 2 largest?

Mars is the second largest but it can be argued between scientist's Mars may be the same size of another planet or be smaller than another planet

How does venus rank in the largest plants in the solar system?

Venus is the sixth-largest planet in our solar system, preceded by Earth, and proceeded by Mars. There are twelve smaller planets (ten dwarf planets, two terrestrial planets) than Venus in the system, and five larger planets (two gas giants, two ice giants, one terrestrial planet) than Venus.

Which planet has the largest land mass?

Venus. While other plants are larger than Venus, Venus technically has the largest land area. The four largest planets, which are far larger than Venus, do not have solid surfaces at all. The largest solid planet is Earth, but it is only slightly larger than Venus and most of its surface is covered in water.

What other factors do scientists need to consider besides distance in choosing to attempt a trip to Mars rather than Venus or to Venus rather than Mars?

The environment of the planet Venus is tremendously more hostile to human life or even to human machinery, than the environment of the planet Mars. Venus is much too hot, and too chemically corrosive.

Is Mars the largest planet?

The largest planet in our solar system is Jupiter, however there are other palnets in other solar systems that are believed to be larger than Jupiter. Mars is the 2 largest

What planet is the closest?

If you mean "planet", Venus gets closer than any other planet. However, since the distance to the planets varies, both Mars and Mercury, can sometimes be closer than Venus.

Why is venus hotter then mars?

The reason Venus is hotter than Mars is because venus was made out of materisl and when the material blew up it rolled to the sun and it blew up and it blew up closer to the sun being the second planet of the sun but Mars is the forth planet from the sun.

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